Study Skills

Study: It’s what you came to university for, right? But, for the majority of students, studying often leads to stress. We’ve offered you some of our tips inside your Personal Development Plan to improve your study skills, but it seems you’d like some help creating your own.

Did you know that despite being bright enough to make it to university, the majority of students actually don’t have strong study skills? In fact, the skills we learn in high school may actually be counter-productive to success at university. Try some of the resources below to improve your chances of success at uni!


First off, remember the value of taking breaks!

Quick Tips

Download the CAPS Exam Kit with practical guidelines to handling the time leading up to examinations, as well as some tips about exams themselves.

Learn about Mindfulness to help boost your concentration and capacity to stay calm during exams.


Join us for the Managing Exam Anxiety and Presentation Skills Workshops this semester to better develop your study skills.


The CAPS ebooks are a series of multimedia electronic books with psychological strategies created by us just for you! Check out the ones below to help you speak confidently and manage exam anxiety.