About us

Disability Services helps current students of the University of Sydney who have a disability to access reasonable adjustments, and provides prospective students with advice about the support services offered at the University. Reasonable adjustments are any changes to the academic environment that allow a student with a disability the best possible opportunity to succeed in their studies.

Disability Services is the main point of contact and support for students with disabilities and works closely with others in the administration and academic departments of the University. This is to ensure that appropriate arrangements relating to teaching and assessment are made for students with disabilities, while maintaining the academic integrity and core requires of the individual courses.

Disability Services encourages independence, responsibility and autonomy in the students that access this service. Once registered, students manage their needs via an online service request system which allows them to manage their needs independently and in their own time.

Student testimonials

"Disability Services staff provide great support. The stresses of enrolment were reduced thanks to their assistance."

"I have difficulty listening and taking notes at the same time but Disability Services helped by arranging a notetaker for me."

"Disability Services helped me cope by liaising with my lecturers to arrange for special provisions during exams and tests."

"While my overall Sydney experience has been enjoyable, there were also some challenging and difficult times, but it was the support provided by Disability Services and faculty staff that helped me get the most out of my subjects and survive exams."

"Disability Services is extremely supportive of its students and always ready to help. I encourage anyone who has a disability that they feel will get in the way of their studies, to sign up with Disability Services."

"Communicating issues and difficulties is essential for anyone planning to attend a large academic institution. If you have a problem, ask. In a lot of cases Disability Services will be able to help you, although lecturers can be a good point of contact as well. In a large institution like Sydney Uni, it can sometimes be difficult to work out who does what, so explore the University website."

Disability Services officers

The Disability Services officers are skilled at understanding how a disability may affect a student’s ability to manage their studies and meet their academic potential. They liaise with faculty staff to provide services and adjustments for students with disabilities.

Disability Services officers cannot intervene in issues of academic appeal or provide a student with academic leniency.

Disability Services officers are available for one-to-one assistance to students who require a little more guidance; however, we stress that the officers are not counsellors, and do not undertake a case management approach.

Disability Services officers are located at the Camperdown/Darlington and Cumberland campuses.