Accessible Events - A Guide For Organisers
This is an event planning guide developed to assist event organisers to ensure their events are accessible to people with disabilities. It is a thorough guide which will help event organisers cover all bases of their events and make sure they are accessible. The guide was developed by Meetings and Events Australia in partnership with the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission.

Download Accessible Events – A Guide For Organisers. Choose from the following formats:

CATS (Creating Accessible Teaching & Support)
This detailed online resource has been developed for teaching staff, general staff, and students to access information about disability, working with students, teaching and assessment, policy and legislation, technology, campus life, careers, and also provides access to relevant newsletters and up to date information about topics in the media, social change, and changes to legislation.

Heads Up
This is an interactive, scenario-based online training package for university staff to inform them of their obligations under the Disability Discrimination Act and Disability Standards for Education. This tool was developed by the University of Canberra with the Australian National University, the Australian Human Rights Commission, and the Australian Association of Special Education.

This package can be embedded in a Learning Management System, and easily incorporated into professional development and orientation programs for staff.

Toolkit for Staff
James Cook University (JCU) has developed an online resource for staff at JCU when working with students with disabilities. The aim of the Toolkit for Staff is to dispel myths about disability and provide clear, easy to access information on specific health conditions and the impact on study, teaching and assessment, inclusive teaching practice and legislative guidelines.

AccessAbility Services JCU have offered this valuable resource for all Australian Universities to ustilise.

Disability Awareness Kit
This training resource was developed for Library Staff in Victoria, Australia and provides information, activities, and resources to assist individuals working with customers with various disabilities.

Australian Network on Disability
The Australian Network on Disability is an organisation developed to advance the equitable inclusion of people with disability in all aspects of business. They have a resources page that provides disability statistics, newsletters, fact sheets, and a disability-related evetns calendar.

Get Ready for Uni
This website has been developed for students with disability who are planning for university. It guides prospective students through all the different decisions a student with a disability may need to make before deciding on a career path and a tertiary institution. This resource is also helpful for teaching staff to get an idea of the complexity of the planning and decision making that a student with disability may have undertaken before deciding to study at University.

Center for Universal Design
The Center for Universal Design (north Carolina State University), an initiative of the College of Design, is a national information, technical assistance, and research center that evaluates, develops, and promotes accessible and universal design in housing, commercial and public facilities, outdoor environments, and products. Their mission is to improve environments and products through design innovation, research, education and design assistance.

Vision Australia - Print Accessibility
To assist you to make your printed communications as legible and accessible as possible, Vision Australia have put together a series of factsheets: plain english guidelines; accessible word documents; accessible electronic documents; large print guidelines; and legibility guidelines.

WebAIM - Web Accessibility in Mind
WebAIM seeks to help you understand how people with disabilities use the web, the frustrations they feel when they cannot access the web, and what you can do to make your sites more accessible. They offer articles, newsletters, blogs, practical resources, training, and professional services. You can also view simulations of using a Screen Reader, of Low Vision, Dyslexia, and Distractibility.