Disability Awareness Training Manual

The 2013-2018 Disability Action Plan has identified a need for more disability awareness within the University community, and to this aim a Disability Awareness Training Manual has been developed by the Disability Services Office.

The manual was launched during the University's first Disability Awareness Week (23-29 September 2014), and copies were provided to each Faculty's FDLO (Faculty Disability Liaison Officer) for their review and reference.

The Disability Awareness Training Manual includes Learning Modules covering the following:

  • Disability
  • Legislation
  • Disabilities and their Impacts
  • Reasonable Adjustments
  • Inclusive Teaching and Accessible Learning
  • Disability Awareness for Customer Service Professionals

The manual also provides information about how Disability Services works within the University, how students with disability are managed and supported, and provides staff with guidance as to their role in providing an inclusive environment at the University.

The Disability Awareness Training Manual is available to all general and academic staff, and new staff will be encouraged to include the manual as part of their induction training.

Download your copy of the Disability Awareness Training Manual.