Applying for admission

Before you apply for admission

If you have a disability you may be eligible to access services offered by the University through Disability Services. We recommend you contact a Disability Services Officer prior to your application for admission to discuss the services and support offered and to ensure your needs will be met.

Applying for admission

Applications for undergraduate courses at the University are made through the Universities Admissions Centre (UAC).

The UAC form contains a question about disability. We encourage you to complete this question. UAC will send you a follow-up questionnaire about your anticipated support needs at university. Your replies to this questionnaire are forwarded to the disability services centres of the universities that offer you a place.

Your responses are confidential and are not sent to the Admissions Office. By completing this questionnaire you enable Disability Services to contact you and begin to organise any services you may need before you enrol. By completing this questionnaire you are not automatically registering with the University’s disability support unit.

Educational access schemes

The UAC Educational Access Schemes (EAS) booklet contains details of all the educational access schemes available in NSW. The University of Sydney's scheme is called the Broadway Scheme. If you are applying for the Broadway Scheme you will need to complete the EAS application (in addition to your UAC application) and make sure you submit it by the due date.

Special Consideration for Admission Scheme

The Special Consideration for Admission Scheme is for applicants with a record of tertiary study who have experienced some form of disadvantage during their secondary and/or tertiary studies.

An applicant who is approved under this scheme may be admitted into their course of choice with results below, but close to, the normal entry standard for that course. This scheme will not allow applicants to gain admission with results that are well below the course entry standard.

This scheme is available for domestic applicants seeking admission into undergraduate courses that are offered through the Universities Admissions Centre (UAC).