International students

If you are an international student with a disability who is looking to study at the University of Sydney for just a semester (as an exchange or study abroad student) or for a year or more, you should review the following information:

Registering with Disability Services

Students with disabilities are eligible to receive academic and access support through Disability Services. You need to formally register with Disability Services and attend a face-to-face consultation before adjustments will be approved. You can register only after you have accepted your offer of a place at the university, and have attended your initial enrolment day, at which time you will receive a student ID number.

International students If you are completing an entire course at the University of Sydney, please visit the Registering page for information on registering with this service. The registration process for local and international students is the same.

Study abroad and exchange students You will need to follow the advice given below if you wish to continue receiving disability support, as per your home university, for the semester you will be studying at the University of Sydney.

Step 1 - Prior to arrival
You will need to arrange for the required supporting documentation to be sent to Disability Services at the University of Sydney before leaving your home country. Be aware that sending documentation to Disability Services, or contact between your home university and Disability Services, does not constitute registration. It is also a good idea to arrange the registration appointment before leaving; however, this can be done immediately upon arrival in Australia.

Step 2 - Upon arrival
You need to make and attend a registration appointment with Disability Services before semester begins. Supporting documentation must be reviewed and discussed during this appointment, and approval for specific services will be made. Although not all services will be the same between universities, we will do everything we can to ensure that you are not disadvantaged during your time at the University.

Supporting documentation
Study Abroad and Exchange students will need to provide the following:

  1. A letter to Disability Services from their home university confirming the disability (diagnosis), the specific impacts of the disability, and the academic and access adjustments being provided to the student. All letters and documentation must be in English.
  2. Copies of the original medical documentation supplied to their home university. This is needed in case further additional adjustments are required to be made during the student's time at The University of Sydney.

Documentation and questions can be directed to Disability Services at the following:
Fax: +61 2 8627 8482

Accessible accommodation

Finding a suitable place to live is of fundamental importance to your success and well being as a student at the University. Our Accommodation Service is able to assist you to find housing and offers a wide range of accommodation options.

For information about accessible accommodation or if you have specific needs for accommodation we recommend you contact an Accommodation Officer directly. The University is able to assist students at all its campuses, including Cumberland and Camden, to find suitable accommodation

Importing assistance dogs

Have you considered what is required to bring your assistance dog into Australia?

If not, then please review the information provided on the Australian Government, Department of Agriculture/Biosecurity website in regards to the eligibility conditions and application procedures to get your dog through quarantine without delay.

Permits required for medicines

Is your medicine allowed through Australian Customs?

Do you need a permit or licence to bring it in?

If you have not already considered this, then the following links will provide you with information on substances that require special permission for entry and those that are banned completely:

Sydney City access maps

The City of Sydney has developed an access map of Sydney City so that you are able to navigate yourself around when you arrive. This website also has useful information about accessible transport and parking, and other sources of disability information.