Liaison with faculty

You may find it helpful to let your teachers know of your registration with Disability Services, and some students may need direct in-class assistance from their teachers.

If liaison with your teachers is needed, we can provide you with a Disability Notification Letter (DNL) that you can pass on to them.

For most students this information is not sent out automatically – you decide if you want a DNL, and you decide to whom to give it. The DNL does not disclose your disability, but it will indicate the impact your disability may have on your studies, and also provides your teachers with some direction for providing you with assistance.

Some faculties prefer to have all the information up front about a student’s academic adjustments and support services, and they have agreed to use Academic Plans to do this.

An Academic Plan outlines all the adjustments required for each subject for the semester and the faculty undertakes all management of those adjustments.

Currently the following faculties use Academic Plans:

  • Sydney Business School
  • Sydney Law School
  • The Faculty of Health Sciences
  • The Faculty of Veterinary Science
  • Sydney College of the Arts
  • The Faculty of Agriculture and Environment
  • Sydney Medical School (MBBS and MD programs only)

In general, students are encouraged to approach their teachers directly to discuss difficulties and concerns. However, if you have difficulty managing this yourself, your Disability Services Officer is always available to assist you in communicating with your teachers.