Transport and parking

Mobility Parking Permits

Students with Mobility Parking Permits are entitled to park in the disabled parking bays. You are not entitled to park in parking spots for University Parking Permit holders.

Mobility Parking Permits are managed by the Roads and Maritime Services.

Temporary access to on-campus parking

The University may, at its discretion, provide temporary access to on-campus parking for students who provide the Director of the University Health Service with satisfactory evidence of a medical condition that causes significant impediment to that person's access to the University campus.

Students need to make an appointment with the Director of the University Health Service and take along relevant and recent documentation pertaining to their condition. Students do not need to be registered with Disability Services to be reviewed for a temporary perking permit.

Campus bus service

Students who may need assistance travelling between public transport stations and the Camperdown/Darlington and Cumberland campuses can use the free Campus bus service.

Please note that these services are not wheelchair accessible, however, the University has an 8-seater mini bus with full hydraulic wheelchair lift, to assist students and visitors with disabilities move around campus. For more details, or to request a security escort, call Campus Security on 9351-3487.

Travel concessions

Travel concessions issued by the State Rail Fares Concession Office are generally only available to local students studying full-time. However, students who study part-time solely because of a disability are also eligible to apply for a concession pass after speaking with their Disability Services Officer.