Information for staff

These pages provide information for staff about students with a disability, how the Disability Services office operates and fits into the larger university community, and hopes to help staff develop confidence to support students with disability.

If you are a staff member who has a disability, support is available via the Staff and Student Equal Opportunity Unit.

Overview of Disability Services

Disability Services is one of the support services within the Student Services suite, as part of the DVC Education Portfolio.

We act first and foremost on behalf of the student - reviewing their needs and determining the support services and reasonable adjustments that they are eligible to be provided under the law (Disability Discrimination Act 1992 and the Disability Standards for Education 2005).

Reasonable adjustments seek to 'level the playing field' and off-set any impacts a disability may have on the student's ability to undertake and meet the academic requirements of their course. Reasonable adjustments are an equitable and inclusive process for providing students with equal access to education.

Secondly, we provide teaching staff with guidance to navigate their responsibilities under the law and with assistance to develop an accessible learning environment, free from discrimination and exclusion.

In addition, we seek to educate and bring disability awareness to the wider university community.

Team structure and resources

Disability Services consists of the following staff:

  • Manager, Disability Services
  • 5 x full-time Disability Services Officers
  • 1 x part-time Disability Services Officer
  • 1 x Administrative Officer
  • 1 x Administrative Assistant

The Disability Officers meet with students each day to register new students, and review concerns of current students. The Disability Officers perform the following actions:

  • liaise with teaching staff about student's needs
  • liaise with external support staff to organise access to specific services
  • respond to and process requests for academic adjustments and support services
  • review accessibility needs across campus
  • attend student/faculty meetings
  • attend orientation and training programs to develop awareness
  • undertake various administrative tasks.

There are between 1500-2000 currently enrolled students registered with Disability Services per semester.

The Disability Services Office does not have the capacity to manage or supervise exams, organise university managed services (i.e. lecture recording), provide personal care to individuals on campus (i.e. pushing wheelchairs, guiding an individual with vision impairment around campus), provide learning support (i.e. tutoring, learning strategies), or provide administrative/computer assistance (i.e. printing information, guiding students through online assessment requirements).

The Disability Services Office is provided with direct assistance from ICT to provide assistive technology to students (software, hardware, training) and alternative formatting of materials (braille, electronic, enlargements, coloured paper, etc).

Supporting Disability Services

Disability Services, and students registered with Disability Services, at times rely on specific assistance offered by various services throughout the University to ensure that students are provided with more than just academic support, and we would like to acknowledge their continued and essential support:

  • Faculty Liaison Officers
  • Liaison Librarians
  • Timetabling Team
  • Security Services
  • Precinct Officers
  • Exams Office
  • Student Union
  • E-Learning Team