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Lunchtime Workshops for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Diability Services run a series of lunchtime workshops each semester specifically tailored for students with Autism Spectrum Disorder. The following workshops will next be run in Semester 2, 2014 (dates to be confirmed):

Improving your Organisational Skills and Motivation at University
This small group workshop will help you develop your understanding of time management strategies and ways to keep organised at University; develop your understanding of strategies to how to plan ahead for your studies; and increase your awareness of motivational strategies and how to maintain motivation at University.
Date: TBC

Communication and Social Skills at University
This small group workshop will help you develop an understanding of appropriate forms of communication at University; increase your awareness of appropriate ways to socially interact at University; and increase your confidence in communicating and socialising with staff and fellow students.
Date: TBC

Practical Skills for University
This small group workshop will help you develop understanding of tools for everyday communication beneficial for University; increase awareness self-management strategies to help cope with stress at University; and discuss strategies to help become an independent student.
Date: TBC

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Information for Jobseekers with a Disability

The Careers Centre website has a page devoted to jobseekers with a disability, with many links to related information and services.

Achilles Running Club

The Achilles Running Club aims to enable people from all walks of life, including those with physical impairments, to enjoy the health giving benefits of walking and running in a supportive, social and encouraging environment. In so doing it hopes to promote personal achievement, to enhance self-esteem, and to lower barriers between people.

The club meets once a week and provides free guide runners to anyone with the kind of disability which makes this necessary. Membership is $10/year for students, which is negotiable for students with financial difficulties.