Faculty Student Disability Liaison Officers

All faculties/schools have a staff member appointed as a Student Disability Liaison Officer (SDLO) to discuss concerns that you may have regarding assistance in your faculty. SDLOs can be a member of faculty or general staff who have volunteered for the position and been appointed by the dean of the faculty. Being an 'insider', the SDLO can provide quick advice and support specific to your faculty.

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Student Disability Liaison Officer

Contact details

Ms Fortunee Cantrell

Administrative Assistant

Telephone 8627 1001

Fax 8627 1099

Bldg C18 (Biomedical Bldg)


Dr Lee Stickells

Acting Director, Urban Design Program 


Telephone 9351 2328

Fax 9351 3031

Bldg G04 (Wilkinson Bldg), Rm 309

Arts and Social Sciences

Dr Laura Beth Bugg

Lecturer, Department of Sociology and Social Policy


Telephone 9114 1281

Fax 9036 9380

Bldg A26 (R.C. Mills), Rm 106

Arts and Social Sciences

Dr Panayota Nazou

Lecturer, Department of Modern Greek


Telephone 9351 7104

Fax9351 3543

Bldg A18 (Brennan MacCallum), Rm 749

Arts and Social Sciences

Dr Graham White

Senior Lecturer, School of Economics


Telephone 9351 6611

Fax 9351 4341

Bldg H04 (Merewether), Rm M359

Arts and Social Sciences

Dr Kate Lilley

Senior Lecturer, Department of English

Telephone 9351 2426

Fax9351 2434

Bldg A20 (John Woolley), Rm N356

Business School

Ms Pearl Rozenberg

Academic, Business Law

Director, Academic Appeals

Telephone 9351 6630

Fax 9351 7473

Bldg H69 - Economics and Business, Rm 535

Conservatorium of Music

Mr Timothy Crowe

Postgraduate Coordinator

Telephone 9351 1206

Bldg C41 (Syd Con of Mus)


Dr Antonia Scott

Lecturer, Head of Discipline, Oral Diagnosis and Radiology

Telephone 9351 8302

Fax 9351 8333

Level 6, 2 Chalmers Street, Surry Hills, NSW, 2010

Education and Social Work

Associate Professor David Evans

Associate Professor of Special Education

Telephone 9351 8463

Fax 9351 2606

Bldg A35 (Education), Rm A36 207

Engineering and IT

Ms Josephine Gillott

Coursework Admin Coordinator, Graduate School of Engineering

Telephone 9351 8705

Fax 9351 7082

Bldg J02 (Peter Nicol Russell), Level 3, Rm 321

Engineering and IT

Ms Annamaria Brancato

Manager, Student Administration - Undergraduate

Telephone 9351 2534

Fax 9351 4654

Bldg J13 (Engineering Link), Rm 226

Health Sciences

Dr Nikki Wedgwood

Lecturer and BHS Honours Coordinator

Telephone 9351 9808

Fax 9351 9468

Room A151, A Block (Cumberland Campus)


Associate Professor Simon Butt

Research Academic

Telephone 9351 0442

Fax 9351 0200

Bldg F10 (Law School)


Professor Susan Hayes

Professor of Behavioural Sciences

Telephone 9351 2776

Fax 9351 5319

Bldg D06 (Blackburn), Rm 667

Nursing and Midwifery

Dr Murray Fisher

Director, Preregistration Programs

Telephone 9351 0587

Bldg M02 (Mallett St), Rm A4.12


Ms Narelle Da Costa

Student Services Officer - Undergraduate

Telephone 9036 9293

Fax 9351 4391

Bldg A15 (Pharmacy and Bank), Administration Office N311


Ms Alma Torlakovic

Student Services Officer - Postgraduate

Telephone 9036 9552

Fax 9351 4391

Bldg A15 (Pharmacy and Bank), Administration Office N311


Dr Tom Hubble

Senior Lecturer, Pro-Dean

Telephone 9351 2920

Fax 9351 3644

Bldg F09 (Madsen), Rm 356


Dr David Easdown

Associate Professor 

Telephone 9351 4217

Fax 9351 4534

Bldg F07 (Carslaw), Rm 619 


Dr Matthew Pye

Associate Lecturer

Telephone 91140797

Bldg F07 (Carslaw), Rm 506

Sydney College of the Arts
(Rozelle Campus)

Ms Kerry Stern

Undergraduate Manager

Telephone 9351 1103

Fax 9351 1144

Bldg 24 (N01 Rozelle Campus)

Veterinary Science

Mrs Irene Van Ekris

Coordinator, Faculty Education Services

Telephone 9351 2249 - Sydney Campus (Mon-Wed)

Telephone 9351 1658 - Camden Campus (Thur, Fri)

Fax 9351 6880

Publications Unit, Room 305 and JD Stewart Building

Camden Campus in the Shute Building - N125