Service requests

Lodging and checking service requests online

Once you have registered and met with a Disability Services Officer, the services which you have been assessed as eligible for can be managed through our online system via a service request.

To lodge a service request:

  1. Log in to Disability Services with your UniKey.
  2. Select ‘Add new service request’ from the ‘Tools’ menu.
  3. Select the required service from your listed eligibilities.
  4. Fill in the details requested – complete all fields – and add additional information if necessary in the comments box.
  5. Click 'Submit'.
  6. Once submitted, you will receive an automated email notification.

To check the status of a service request:

  1. Log in to Disability Services with your UniKey.
  2. Select ‘View service requests’ from the ‘Tools’ menu.
  3. Select the service request you want to check.
  4. View the latest update – status could be 'pending', 'assigned', 'completed', or 'closed'.
  5. If you have any questions regarding the request, you can leave a comment in the 'New update' box, then click 'Submit update'. Repeat this step if you want to cancel a request - leave a comment, click the 'closed' radio button, and then click 'Submit update'.

Please note that any time an action or update is made to a service request you will receive an automated email notification.

Compatible browsers

It is important to use a compatible browser when using the service request system, otherwise information entered on screen may not be saved when the request is submitted, or requests with specific fields that need to be filled in may be missing some of these fields.

The recommended compatible browsers are:

  • Internet Explorer (version 8 or higher)
  • Firefox
  • Safari

Automated emails from service request system

Each time a service request is submitted or updated, an automated email is sent to the inbox of your university email. These emails come from “”. Sometimes these emails are mistaken for spam or junk and students are encouraged to develop the habit of checking their junk and spam folders regularly to ensure that legitimate mail has not been overlooked.

The automated emails contain status updates regarding your service requests, as well as important information about your requests, and it is expected that students check these emails as this is the primary method of communication regarding service requests. If you do not respond to queries from Disability Services via these emails there is a risk that your service request may not be processed.

Online help

Login problems? If you are experiencing login problems, please contact the ICT Helpdesk directly.

Online guide If you are having difficulties using our online system, we have developed an online guide to make accessing the system easier. Here you will find step-by-step instructions for how to begin the registration process, make a new service request, update and cancel a service request, and upload documents.

Further assistance If you still have difficulties accessing our online system, please contact Disability Services.