Guide to selecting your units of study

The following will help you navigate the unit of study (subject) selection which is part of the online enrolment task.

The unit of study screen

You will notice that the screen below has two columns. You can select your units using the sections in the left column. You will see a summary of your selections in the right column. If you change your mind about your units of study, you can remove your selection from the right column.

Click on sections of the screen below for more information.

You can also find instructions on how to complete your units of study selections on Ask Sydney. It is important that you complete every step to ensure your fees, timetable and Blackboard are up to date.

Unit of study selection screen

Section 1: Your course rules
Unit of study handbook information

Section 3: Your units of study
Your chosen units of study
Section 2: Your collections (groups of units of study)
 Your collections

Section 4: Unit of study details
Unit of study details

Section 1: Handbook and course rules information

1a. Course rules shows the selections you need to make to meet the requirements of your degree. The ‘Tracking your totals’ part of this screen performs the same function mathematically.

Section 2: Collections available for your course

Collections are the groups of units available to you. Collections are divided up according to the course rules, and your progress towards satisfying course rules is shown in Tracking your totals.

2a. The View/Hide button opens and closes the search tool within a block. Once expanded you can search for units of study and add them to your selection. A tick will appear in ‘Tracking your totals’ once you have selected the required credit points for a collection.

2b. Unit of study search allows you to search for units within a collection using part or full unit codes or title. If you search for a unit using a word, only units which include that word in their title will be displayed.

2c. Arrow icon. Click on the arrow icon to move between pages if the units displayed exceed one page.

2d. Session displays as a code and is the period of time that a class runs. In most cases this will be semester 1 or 2. Included in this guide is a list of session codes.

2e. MoA refers to the unit’s ‘mode of attendance’. For example, ND stands for ‘normal day’.

2f. 'Loc' refers to the unit’s campus location. A list of campus location codes is included in this guide.

2g. CP (credit points). This column shows how many credit points this unit is worth.

2h. Add button. To choose a unit of study click 'Add' and it will display in the 'Your selected unit(s) of study' section. Your selection is checked by Sydney Student, and you may receive a validation message.

2i. Cross-listed units of study: Units that could be applied to more than one collection

More details about the unit of study you have highlighted in the table will appear in section 4.

Click 'ADD' to select the unit of study. A summary of all your selections will be displayed in section 3 in the right column of the screen.

Section 3: Your selected units of study

3a. Your selected unit(s) of study tabs display current units chosen. Click on any collection then click 'Your unit(s) of study' from the selected collection to display your selected units from that collection. 'Your credit(s)' displays any credit you have previously received.

3b. Delete (trashcan icon) allows you to remove a unit from your selection.

3c. Tracking your totals tracks the credit points you have selected (current) against what is required for your degree. The green tick turns grey if you make selections that are not in line with the requirements of your course.

3d. Submit. Click this button once you are happy with your selections. Sydney Student will then validate your selections.

Section 4: Detailed unit of study information

4a. Unit of study details are displayed when you click on a unit that you retrieve in any collection. For a description of the unit, select Click to view more details.

Code Occurence
ND-CC This unit is offered during the day on Camperdown/Darlington Campus.
NE-CC This unit is offered during the evening on Camperdown/Darlington Campus.
H You need departmental permission for units that include 'H' at the end of the occurence code.

What else do I need to know about unit selection?

  • The major(s) you nominate (if applicable to your course) will influence the units you can choose.
  • You must not select units you have already taken.
  • You need to finalise your unit selections before you can complete your enrolment. If you wish to change your selections, you will be able to make variations one working day after your enrolment is confirmed.

How do I customise the unit of study selection page?

If you are using Firefox or Internet Explorer, you can adjust the width of each column in a table that is displaying units. Hover your mouse over the border between each column heading (as shown circled below). The mouse cursor will change to another icon (two vertical double-lines and arrows). Click and hold the left mouse button down. Drag the mouse left or right to resize a column.

Unit of study field width alteration

Mode of Attendance (MoA) codes and descriptions

MoA Code Description
BM Block mode
CE Clinical experience
DE Distance education
DI Distance education/campus intensive
EX External
FE Field experience
ND Normal (lecture/lab/tutorial) day
NE Normal (lecture/lab/tutorial) evening
OL Online
PP Professional practice
SU Supervision

Session codes and descriptions

Session Code Session Description
S1C Semester 1
S1CG Session 1 Early
S1CIAP Intensive April
S1CIFE Intensive February
S1CIJA Intensive January
S1CIJN Intensive June
S1CIMR Intensive March
S1CIMY Intensive May
S1CRA Semester 1A
S1CRB Semester 1B
S1CRR1 Research 1
S1CRR2 Research 2
S1NSEA Summer Early
S1NSLA Summer Late
S1NSMA Summer Main
S2C Semester 2
S2CG Session 2 Early
S2CIAU Intensive August
S2CIDE Intensive December
S2CIJL Intensive July
S2CINO Intensive November
S2CIOC Intensive October
S2CISE Intensive September
S2CRA Semester 2a
S2CRB Semester 2B
S2CRR3 Research 3
S2CRR4 Research 4
S2CRS3 Summer Law 3
S2CRW1 Winter Law
S2NWMA Winter Main

Location codes and descriptions

Location code Description
AE United Arab Emirates
AM Amsterdam
BS Burren Street, Sydney
CC Camperdown/Darlington, Sydney
CD Concord Clinical School
CE Central Clinical School
CF Camden, Sydney
CH Children's Hospital at Westmead Clinical School
CN China
CS Surry Hills, Sydney
DB Distance Education (via Burren St campus)
DC Distance Education (via Camperdown campus)
DF Distance Education (via Camden campus)
DL Distance Education (via Lidcombe campus)
DM Distance Education (via Mallett St campus)
DO Distance Education (via Orange campus)
DR Distance Education (via Rozelle campus)
DS Distance Education (via Surry Hills campus)
DW Distance Education (via Westmead campus)
DY Distance Education (via Sydney campus)
GE Germany
HK Hong Kong
ID Indonesia
IT Italy
KT Kyoto/Tokyo
LC Cumberland, Sydney
ML Malaysia
MS Mallett Street, Sydney
NE Nepean Clinical School
NO Northern Clinical School
NP Nepal
OC Orange
RC Rozelle, Sydney
SA Sydney Adventist Hospital Clinical School
SC Sydney
SH Shanghai
SJ St James, Sydney
SP Singapore
UK United Kingdom
WC Westmead
WN Western Clinical School, Westmead
ZZ No information on Location