Submission guidelines


Staff News is delivered to all members of staff at the University of Sydney.
Student News is delivered to all currently-enrolled students at the University of Sydney.

Any content published must be relevant to the University experience of either staff or students. Articles may only be submitted by University staff, students or representatives of the University’s student organisations unless permission has been granted by the editorial team.

Note: Due to the large number of student clubs and societies, Student News and Staff News are unable to accept submissions from individual groups. Please contact your student organisation (SRC, USU, SUPRA or SUSF) to discuss promotional options for your club and society events and promotions.

When you submit your article using the submission form, please indicate whether you would like to publish your article in only one or both publications. If you are unsure, please select ‘Please advise’ and we will be in contact to discuss your requirements.

Staff Intranet

At the discretion of the Staff Communications Manager, news items and operational notices for staff may also be published on the University’s Staff Intranet at an appropriate time in addition to being published in Staff News.


Please keep your submission short and no longer than 100 words in length. If your communication needs are more detailed, please include a link to a website that contains more comprehensive information.

Content and Editorial Guidelines

All content must be written in the style of the University’s Editorial Style Guide and not be defamatory, offensive, discriminatory, harm (or likely to harm) the reputation of the University, or breach any laws or University policies.

Editorial approach

Final editing of all materials submitted will be undertaken by the editorial team as required. If time permits, any substantive changes will be sent back to authors for review or revision before the final deadline.

All material submitted must meet the Content and Editorial Guidelines. The editorial team maintains the right, in its sole discretion, to refuse or request revisions to any material submitted for any reason, including failure to meet the Content and Editorial Guidelines. The decision of the editorial team is binding and final and no correspondence will be entered into, including in the event of a dispute, on such matters.

Clinical research studies

If you are recruiting for clinical research studies, please submit your ad via the Research Support website and send your approval letter from the University of Sydney Ethics Office to . Study recruitment ads are featured on the Volunteer For Research Studies page of the Research and Innovation website, with new ads promoted in the e-newsletters.

Our tips

Below are our top five suggestions for increasing reader interest and response rates for your submissions:

  1. Stick to the 100 word limit. Readers scan. Further information can be provided on the web page your submission links to. Remember the common refrain "too long; didn't read".
  2. Include a link to further information and/or an action (such as register/RSVP).
  3. Have an interesting title and then start with a question or a 'call to action'. "Are we experiencing a global food shortage?" is more engaging than "The department is having a lecture on the global food shortage".
  4. Include an engaging image. Consider your image before submitting – is it still eye catching? Choose an interesting image of the subject/research over a headshot of the speaker, especially if the speaker is not well known to students, or not as much of a drawcard as the topic.
  5. The right message at the right time. Consider the self-interest of your audience – why should they care about your message, and why should they care at that particular time? Consider context, relevance and timeliness.

See the Marketing and Communications website for more information about effective writing.

Editorial Structure

Please find below the editorial structure for Staff News and Student News.

Section title


Content description


Student News

Staff News

All major announcements and news. Items relevant to staff may also be published in the Staff Intranet at the discretion of the Staff Communications Manager.


Student News

Staff News

Operational information: campus work, close-downs,  enrolment information, new procedures, new websites. Items relevant to staff may also be published in the Staff Intranet at the discretion of the Staff Communications Manager.

Get involved

Student News

Staff News

University initiatives, volunteer opportunities, networks, participation in studies


Student News

Staff News

Only those events that are relevant to the University experience. Can include lectures, theatrical performances, exhibitions, concerts, gigs, open days and any other activity that is relevant to the publication's audience.


Student News

Links from the Careers Centre and SydneyTalent - events, opportunities, sign up for newsletters or job alerts

Student life

Student News

Student organisation news - USU, SRC, SUPRA, Campus Rewards and SUSF - to promote events and sign-ups

Professional development

Staff News

Professional development and training opportunities for staff

Staff benefits

Staff News

Staff card benefits and other offers