The essentials

Get all the essential information you need to equip yourself for a successful semester at uni!

Use this list as a refresher and ensure that you've got all your essentials under wraps. Scroll down to find out more detailed information about each of the items, or click on the item to jump to the relevant section.

Essential Items

Where to get help

1. Need to update your contact details? View your fee information? Find out exam seat numbers and results?

You can access online self-administration tasks by clicking on the 'Sydney Student' icon when logging on to MyUni. Contact your faculty office to find out administrative information specific to your faculty. Find out more about Student Administration.

2. Are you familiar with your UniKey?

By now, you should know your UniKey like the back of your hand! It is important that you know your UniKey in order to access most of the services available to you as current students. Find out more about your UniKey

3. Have you logged on to MyUni?

This is something you should be doing regularly. Log on to MyUni using your UniKey.

4. Have you purchased all required textbooks and course readers?

Find out which textbooks to buy. Most textbooks can be purchased at the Co-Op bookshop. Students struggling to finance textbook purchases may be eligible for the Robert Maple Brown Bursary or assistance from Scholarships and Financial Support Service.

5. Are you regularly checking your university email?

You can access your student email address by clicking the ‘Email’ icon when logged on to MyUni. Or log in directly to your Sydney Mail account

6. Do you have your timetable?

You can access your timetable by clicking the ‘Timetable’ icon when logged on to MyUni

7. Do you know where your classes are?

Find your classes on Campus Maps or the venue search. The Sydney Uni App features campus maps too.

8. Have you taken a library tour?

Take a look at the library’s first year road map and go for a tour at Fisher library.

9. Have you explored the clubs and societies on offer by the University of Sydney Union (USU) and the Sydney Uni Sport & Fitness (SUSF) courses?

Check out the range of clubs and societies run by the USU and take a look at SUSF courses.

10. Have you downloaded the Sydney Uni App?

Download the Sydney Uni App

Student Administration

If you need to update your address, vary your enrolment, view fee information or do any other student administration related tasks, you can do many of these tasks online through Sydney Student. Log on to MyUni and click on the 'Sydney Student' icon on the QuickLaunch pane to access the student self-administration service.

If you need help face-to-face regarding student administration, check out the Student Administration page to find out which service you need to approach.

Also, be well aware of key dates when making any changes to your enrolment to ensure you meet any deadlines.

Your UniKey

UniKey is the name given to the login ID for your personal University account. It consists of four letters (based on your first and last name) and four numbers. Your UniKey account details are given to you after you have officially enrolled at the University and is included on your confirmation of enrolment letter (not your electronic Confirmation of Enrolment). If you did not receive your UniKey account details on this letter, please contact the ICT Helpdesk on 9351 6000.

Your UniKey account provides access to the University’s online services and facilities including self-administration (such as varying your enrolment and updating your contact details), your student email account, the Learning Management System (Blackboard), the library, MyUni and more. For more information, visit Student IT.


MyUni is your online portal to a range of applications including student administration, your university email account, the Sydney CareerHub, and the Learning Management System (Blackboard). It is essential that you familiarise yourself with MyUni and make it a habit of logging on regular to check for important notifications and updates.

You will find links to the applications, as mentioned above, on the QuickLaunch pane found on the left hand side of the web page when you first log in to MyUni. Make sure you check out Blackboard, which has a list of all the units of study you have enrolled in, and links to important resources for each of those units.

You will also find an essential document in the links for each of your units of study called the unit of study outline. Each unit has its own outline, which provides essential information about the course structure, the lecture timetables, the assessment schedule, information about which textbooks you must buy, and much more. Make sure you read them before semester begins!

Log in to MyUni now!

Textbooks and course readers

Most units of study will require you to buy textbooks. Many units of study will require you to purchase course readers, which is a compilation of extracts from various sources. Some units of study will require you to buy both textbooks and course readers.

You can find out which textbooks and/or course readers to buy in the outline for each of the units of study in which you are enrolled. These outlines can be found online on Blackboard. You can access Blackboard by logging on to MyUni. Some outlines will include information about prescribed textbook(s) (which you should be buying) as well as recommended textbook(s) (which is optional).

Getting your books early is a good way to avoid the crowds in the first few weeks of semester.

Place orders online for your course readers as they become available through the Copy Centre.

The Co-op Bookshop is where you can check the availability of your course textbooks and place orders online before semester commences.

Also check out the SRC’s second hand bookshop where you might be able to find cheaper versions of your required texts.

Cumberland Campus students should contact the Campus Bookstore to check the availability of your textbooks.

Students struggling to finance textbook purchases may be eligible for financial assistance, for example the Robert Maple Brown bursary, from the Scholarships and Financial Support Service.

University email account

Your official University student email account is called Sydney Mail, and is where all official correspondence from the University is sent to. Upon enrolment, all students receive a Sydney Mail email account that is accessed using your UniKey and password. Your email address takes the form of your You can check your email by clicking the Mail icon when logged on to MyUni.

Alternatively, you can log in directly to your Sydney Mail account. Find out more information about Sydney Mail on the Student IT home page.


You can obtain your personal timetable online or by clicking the timetable icon when logging on to MyUni. You can also change your timetable online. If you are doing a unit that is not centrally timetabled, you will need to contact the relevant department to find out when you are required to attend classes. Timetables for first semester become available online from mid-February. Check the Timetables web page for more information.

Finding your classes

You can look up where particular rooms are by searching venue details. Alternatively, you can locate your classes on the campus maps, available on the Sydney Uni App or the website.


The University of Sydney has 11 libraries across all its campuses, with 5 of them situated on main campus. With a total of over 5.2 million items in its collection, students have access to a vast number of resources that not only includes books, but also electronic databases, subscriptions to numerous world class journals, and image and video resources. The libraries are also where you can find computers to use, do your printing and photocopying, and attend information skills sessions.

It is important that you familiarise yourself with the library as you'll use it a lot during your university life, and what better way to do so than to take a library tour! Take a look at the library website for more information.

The University of Sydney Union (USU) and Sydney Uni Sport & Fitness (SUSF)

One of the hardest things about studying in a new place is meeting new people. Luckily, we've got you covered! Get involved in the fantastic activities provided by the University of Sydney Union (USU). They also provide an International Student Lounge with free computer access, pool tables, locker hire and staff to assist you. Check out the University of Sydney Union for more information.

Another great way to meet people and stay fit is to join Sydney Uni Sport & Fitness (SUSF). At the Sports & Aquatic Centre and The Arena Sports Centre, there is something to suit everyone with an indoor pool, group fitness classes, cardio equipment, boxing gym and basketball courts. There are also a great range of programs and courses to try out. Look out for discounted prices for Sydney Uni students.

Sydney Uni App

Keep your uni in your pocket! The Sydney Uni App includes campus maps, access to Blackboard, an events calendar, and much more. Download the Sydney Uni App and you’ll never lose your bearings.