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Look for staff and students wearing 'Ask Me' badges - they'll happily answer any questions you may have about campus life.

See our FAQ section below for commonly asked questions.


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Check out the frequently asked questions below to assist you when receiving enquiries.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We have drafted some FAQs and pointers to help you confidently answer any questions, you can also check out the Student Guide, which lists information and websites for student administration.

If you get a question you can’t answer, the Sydney Uni App may help.

The Campus Assist team are also a great source of information as they are the customer service ‘frontline’ staff for many of the University’s services and if they don’t have an answer, they have the resources to find out.

You can also encourage students to go to the Student Support Services reception desks on Level 5 of the Jane Foss Russell Building, or contact for assistance.

We hope these FAQs will also help you answer common enquiries.

General questions

  1. Where can I find...?
    Maps are available online and via the Sydney Uni App, which is available for Android and iOS devices.
  2. Where do I catch buses?
    Bus stops are located along City Road and Parramatta Road. They are marked with small blue bus icons on the campus maps. Find out more on the Transport NSW website.
  3. Is there a bank on campus?
    Banks are located on level 3 of the Wentworth building. Further banking facilities can be found in Broadway Shopping Centre, opposite the University of Sydney and Victoria Park.
  4. Can I smoke on campus?
    The campus is non-smoking except for designated smoking areas.
  5. Where can I go if I am feeling unwell?
    University Health Services are located on level 3 in the Wentworth Building and on the ground floor of the Holme Building. The University Health Service is open from 8:30am - 5:30pm, Monday to Friday.

Study-related questions

  1. How do I get my student card?
    Student cards are mailed to students. Any questions should be directed to the Campus Card Centre on 9351 2423.
  2. Where can I buy textbooks?
    The Co-op bookshop is located on the corner of Codrington Street & Darlington Road, just next to the University Sports and Aquatic Centre. Students can also get textbooks from the SRC second-hand bookshop on level 4 in the Wentworth Building.
  3. Where do I get course readers?
    Unit of study outlines will state whether students require a course reader and where to obtain it. Most readers can be ordered from the Copy Centre, located next to the Co-op Bookshop.
  4. Are there 24-hour computer labs on campus?
    The Carslaw Learning Hub located on the street level of the Carslaw Building is open 24 hours a day. Use your student card for after hours access. Find out more about student IT.
  5. How can I get free wi-fi?
    Enrolled students have access to free wi-fi on campus. Get more information on how to set up wi-fi or visit an Access Lab.

Don't have the answer? Work with the student to search the website, or download the University of Sydney app.