For staff

Orientation is an important week for newly enrolled students to adjust to the university environment for a successful transition into student life. Orientation runs parallel to the University of Sydney Union’s O-Week.

The 2014 Orientation Program will run from 24 February until 28 February 2014.

How staff can get involved – Ask Me

In 2014, the Ask Me campaign will be running again due its success in 2013.

The campaign aims to foster a highly visible community where newly enrolled students feel well supported, and to create an environment that encourages students to ask for and seek assistance when needed. The campaign includes willing staff members and continuing senior students wearing an Ask Me badge during Orientation, and for the initial weeks of the semester.

If you still have your badge from 2013, we encourage you to join our campaign once again for 2014. If you're a staff member or continuing student that would like to help new students get orientated, order your badge now and download the Sydney Uni App.