Varying your enrolment

Once you are enrolled, most variations to your units of study, prior to the census dates can be done through MyUni by clicking on Admin and selecting ‘Enrolment Variations 2014’. Online enrolment variations will open 10 February 2014. Alternatively, you can contact your faculty office. Inbound Study Abroad and Exchange students cannot vary online and must contact the Study Abroad and Exchange Unit to vary enrolment.

All variations to your unit of study choices are subject to published pre- and co-requisite requirements.

You have enrolled but don’t want to continue your enrolment

If you do not want to continue with your enrolment in 2014, please advise your faculty formally in writing. It is essential that you do this by the relevant census date(s) to avoid financial and academic penalties.

You want to withdraw from some units of study

You can withdraw from any unit of study without academic or financial penalty before the census date. In most cases you can do this through MyUni by clicking on Admin and selecting ‘Enrolment Variations 2014’.

Enrolment variations will open on 10 February 2014.

Under ESOS legislation, student visa holders are required to complete their course within the duration specified on their electronic Confirmation of Enrolment (eCoE). Student visa holders are therefore required to be enrolled in a full-time study load of 24 credit points per semester. However, there are exceptional circumstances where a student visa holder may apply to reduce his or her study load.

Further information can be found on the Student visas website.

You want to vary your enrolment after the census date

Changes requested after the census dates will incur financial and/or academic penalty unless special circumstances apply. Such circumstances will, in all cases, be events considered beyond the control of the student.

A Discontinue Not Fail (DNF) carries no academic penalty but you remain liable for the relevant HECS or Fees. A Discontinue Fail (DF) carries a fail grade and you also remain liable for the relevant HECS or Fees.

Both DNFs and DFs appear on your academic transcript.

For enrolment variation deadlines see Important dates.

You want to vary your enrolment while overseas on exchange

If you are overseas on an official University of Sydney exchange program, you must contact your home faculty for all enrolment changes and updates. Changes cannot be made online. If you are overseas, you may authorise another person to act on your behalf.

Exchange credit is not guaranteed unless all unit changes are approved. If you have any questions regarding progression and graduation requirements they should also be directed to your home faculty.

For more information, please contact the Study Abroad and Exchange Office.