Academic Assistance

If you are experiencing difficulties with your studies it is essential that you inform a member of the Australia Awards Unit. You should also discuss your situation with your supervisor or relevant lecturer.

The University offers several academic services for students. These include the Learning Centre, Maths Learning Centre, Cumberland Campus Learning Support and the Library.

You may also be eligible for Australia Awards funded Tutorial Assistance.

Your faculty may have academic support services. You should visit your faculty web page for more details.

Tutorial Assistance

Some academic assistance may be provided through the Australia Awards Unit at International Services. Academic assistance is used for students who are at risk of failing without additional academic support. Please contact the Australia Awards Unit to request an Academic Assistance Application Form and for more information about the process for applying for tutorial assistance.

Australia Awards research students can also access this funding for thesis editing.

Please note that approval is not automatic. Approval will be determined giving due consideration to all Australia Awards guidelines and policies.

Australia Awards does not provide additional funds to cover costs of thesis printing and binding or attending conferences.

Summer and Winter School

You must obtain permission prior to enrolling in Summer or Winter School. Contact the Australia Awards Unit for the application form.

If you don’t seek permission then Australia Awards will not pay your summer school fees!
Summer or Winter units can be taken to manage workload or complete a previously failed unit