Australia Awards Scholarship entitlements and conditions differ depending on what scholarship you have been awarded and the year you signed your contract.

The University of Sydney and other academic institutions are contracted by Australia Awards to manage Australia Awards scholarships, and to provide you with a range of administrative and support services. The University of Sydney works closely with Australia Awards to ensure that your educational experience in Australia is successful and rewarding.

Please note that information on this website should be considered a guide only. For the most accurate and up-to-date information please refer to the conditions of your scholarship offer. If you have any questions about the information contained in this document or the conditions of your scholarship please contact the Australia Awards Unit in the International Services Office.

Scholarship Conditions

Maintain communications

You should always be proactive in maintaining good communications with International Services, Counselling & Psychological Services (CAPS), the Faculty and your academic supervisor. If you are having a problem please ensure that you discuss this with the appropriate contact sooner rather than later so that assistance or advice can be provided in a timely fashion.

Change of address or telephone number

DIAC and Australia Awards require that you to keep International Services informed of your current residential address and telephone number so that contact can be properly maintained. Please update this information through the Sydney Student portal. Australia Awards Scholarship students will also need to send a separate email to Ms Sue Sullivan at so that your stipend pay advice can be sent to your new address.

It is University policy to use your University of Sydney email address for official correspondence. Information regarding your scholarship, your study program and other associated matters will be sent to your university email address only. It is your responsibility to check this address regularly.


Your scholarship is dependent upon your continued attendance at and participation in your elected course of study. As an Australia Awards student you are required to enrol in the maximum full-time load, which is 24 credit points per semester. You must seek prior approval from the Australia Awards Unit's Coordinator to reduce this workload.

Advanced Standing / Credit / Exemptions / Waivers

Prior to accepting you must inform the Australia Awards Unit's Coordinator of any credit, exemptions and/or waivers offered by the Faculty. Should you accept credit, exemptions and/or waivers your scholarship length will be reduced accordingly. Australia Awards will not cover additional costs for subjects above and beyond what is required to meet course requirements.

Summer/Winter School

Please consult the Australia Awards Unit's Coordinator if you wish to take subjects during Summer or Winter School. Please note that you must seek permission from the Coordinator prior to enrolment.

Costs covered by scholarship

The Australia Awards Scholarship covers the costs of tuition, stipend and overseas health cover and, in certain circumstances, tutorial assistance.

You will receive an establishment allowance of $5000 paid by the University at the beginning of your training. This allowance, which is paid only once, is to assist you with costs for setting up your long-term accommodation and other initial expenses.

Basic health insurance is paid for you by the University. Please note carefully that Australia Awards will not reimburse any additional medical expenses that are not covered by your overseas student health cover (OSHC).

You will receive a Contribution to Living Expenses (CLE) allowance (stipend), paid directly into your bank account on fortnightly basis. This is arranged by International Services.

Please note that all costs related to course fees and the overall scholarship are calculated at the time of offer. Australia Awards will not generally consider any additional costs unless they are a compulsory part of the course structure and are a requirement of the course. If for example a student selects a subject with a field trip and this trip is optional then additional costs will not be covered by Australia Awards.

Please note that Australia Awards specifies that students are responsible for meeting all travel costs associated with in-Australia fieldwork (whether compulsory or not), conferences and any other travel undertaken. The cost of vaccinations for students completing clinical placements is at their own expense, however part of the cost may be covered by your overseas health insurance.

Academic Assistance and Thesis Editing

If you are experiencing difficulties with your studies it is essential that you inform the Australia Awards Unit. You should also discuss your situation with your supervisor or relevant lecturer.

Some academic assistance may be provided through International Services. Academic assistance is used for students who are at risk of failing without additional academic support. Please contact the Australia Awards Unit's Officer to request an Academic Assistance Application Form and for more information about the process for applying for academic assistance.

Please note that approval is not automatic. Approval will be determined giving due consideration to all Australia Awards guidelines and policies.

Australia Awards does not provide additional funds to cover costs of thesis printing and binding or attending conferences.