Returning home

Australia Awards students are required to leave Australia at the end of their scholarship. This is regardless of any remaining period for which the visa is valid.

Students must depart Australia on or before the Scholarship End Date. The Australia Awards Officer will contact you in your last semester of studies to arrange your final return home travel by the most direct route on an economy flight. Please note that stop-overs will not be permitted under any circumstances.

Scholarship holders are encouraged and assisted to complete their qualifications in the shortest possible time. Where training is completed in advance of the scholarship expiry date, the scholarship end-date is brought forward to coincide with the end of training. There is no entitlement, under these circumstances, for students to remain in Australia until the original scholarship end-date. You are required to inform the Australia Awards Unit should you complete your studies earlier than your scholarship award end-date.

Australia Awards and the Australian Migration Regulations place restrictions on Australia Awards Scholarship students who seek to remain in Australia or seek to return to Australia on completion of their scholarship. Restrictions may apply to permanent and temporary visa subclasses. Types of restrictions may include:

  • requiring Australia Awards approval;
  • repaying any outstanding debt to the Commonwealth (such as repaying the total the cost of the scholarship); and
  • not re-entering Australia within two years of completion of the scholarship.

Scholarship End Dates

Your contract with Australia Awards will specify a Course End Date and a Scholarship End Date.

Course End Date: For coursework students, the Course End Date is the date that university exam results are officially released (ie 20 July or 20 December). For research students, the Course End Date is the date that you submit your thesis or treatise (ie 31 March or 31 August).

Scholarship End Date: Your Scholarship End Date is 30 days after the Course End Date (ie 19 August or 19 January for coursework students and 30 April or 30 September for research students). or your visa end date (whichever comes first).

Stipend Payments: Your stipend payments will cease 5 days after your Course End Date (unless you depart Australia before this date, in which case your stipend payments will cease on the date you depart Australia).

Final Semester End Date Stipend End Date Departure Date
Semester One (Coursework) 20 July 25 July 19 August or your visa end date, which ever comes first
Semester One (Research) 31 August 5 September 30 September or your visa end date, which ever comes first
Semester Two (Coursework) 20 December 25 December 19 January or your visa end date, which ever comes first
Semester Two (Research) 31 March 5 April 30 April or your visa end date, which ever comes first