Unit of Study results information

Semester 1, 2014 Unit of Study Results (marks and grades) have been released.

Semester 2, 2014 Unit of Study Results (marks and grades) are released on Tuesday 9 December.

Full academic transcripts
Your full academic transcript is temporarily unavailable through your Sydney Student portal while we release and publish semester 2 2014 unit of study results. In the meantime, you can see details of your previously completed subjects on the unit of study selection screen [go to, ‘My studies’ > ‘Units of study’].

Summer and Winter School and some intensive sessions publish their results at different times. Check the session dates page for more information.

You can view your results online through Sydney Student. Go to ‘My studies’, then ‘Assessments’.

Official result notices are not posted to students. If you require an official printed results notice, please contact the Student Centre.

A complete Transcript of Academic Record (1 copy) is issued free upon graduation. At any other time a request for transcripts may be made to the Student Centre and a charge applies.

Understanding your results

From July 2014, your results code will change to a two-letter code. Definitions for these codes and the previous ones used are below.

Old code New code What it means
A PX Pass (A,B,C Scale)
AX AX Absent - Fail, Supplementary Examination Awarded
AF AF Absent - Fail
B PY Pass (A,B,C Scale)
C PZ Pass (A,B,C Scale)
CP CP Concessional Pass
CR CR Credit
CRA CA Credit (Aegrotat)
D DI Distinction
DA DA Distinction (Aegrotat)
DF DF Discontinued - Fail
DISC DS Discontinued
DNF DC Discontinued - Not to count as failure
DP DP Discontinued with permission
E EX Exempt
EH1 K1 Equivalent to Honours Class I
EH21 K2 Equivalent to Honours Class II, Division 1
EH22 K3 Equivalent to Honours Class II, Division 2
EH3 K4 Equivalent to Honours Class III
F FA Fail
FMP FP Fail, May Proceed
FR FR Failed Requirements
H1 1H Honours Class I
H1M 1M Honours Class I and University Medal
H1MS M2 Honours Class I and University Medal (Shared)
H21 2U Honours Class II, Division 1
H22 2L Honours Class II, Division 2
H3 3H Honours Class III
HD HD High Distinction
HSAT HS Highly Satisfactory
INC IC Incomplete
INEL IE Ineligible
M TO Terminating Pass, Optional Supplementary Examination
MC TS Terminating Pass, Supplementary Examination (Concessional)
MINC J2 Incomplete
NE NE Not Examinable
OUTS OU Outstanding
P PS Pass
PA PA Pass (Aegrotat)
PC PC Pass With Credit
PCON PN Pass (Concessional)
PH PH Pass at Honours Level
PM PM Pass With Merit
R SR Satisfied Requirements
RINC RI Incomplete
SATS SA Satisfactory
T TP Terminating Pass
TC TC Terminating Pass (Concessional)
UCN UC Unit of Study Continuing
USAT US Unsatisfactory
X SU Fail - Supplementary Examination Awarded
XC FS Fail - Concessional Supplementary Examination
XTCA SC Supplementary Examination to Count as Annual