Graduation invitations

Your graduation invitation will be emailed to your student email address ( three to four weeks prior to your ceremony. This is a life-long email address and does not change once you finish your Sydney University studies.

Please note that we do not send e-invitations to personal email addresses.

The e-invitation will advise you of the time of your ceremony, how many guests you are allowed to bring, and the details of your degree. Please note additional guest tickets are not available. If you wish to bring additional guests, please be aware they may not be permitted in the Great Hall due to capacity restrictions.

How to register your attendance

You must RSVP via the link in your e-invitation to attend your ceremony. You can also use the RSVP form to advise us if you would like to graduate in absentia.

If you will not be able to move around the hall or go up the steps onto the dais to receive your testamur (for example, if you use a wheelchair), please let us know in your RSVP.