Session dates

Coursework dates – Semester 2

Academic year code Session name Teaching start Last date to add unit of study Census date DC date DF date Teaching end
2014 S2C (this is Semester 2 and is the session most coursework students are enrolled in) 8-Jul-14 8-Aug-14 31-Aug-14 12-Sep-14 31-Oct-14 2-Nov-14
2014 S2NWMA 30-Jun-14   4-Jul-14 11-Jul-14 18-Jul-14 27-Jul-14
2014 S2CRW1 30-Jun-14 27-Jun-14 21-Jul-14 22-Jul-14 22-Jul-14 27-Jul-14
2014 S2CIJL 23-Jun-14 20-Jun-14 31-Jul-14 5-Aug-14 7-Aug-14 10-Aug-14
2014 S2CG 21-Jul-14 18-Jul-14 6-Aug-14 11-Aug-14 13-Aug-14 12-Oct-14
2014 S2CIAU 28-Jul-14 25-Jul-14 31-Aug-14 3-Sep-14 5-Sep-14 7-Sep-14
2014 S2CRA 28-Jul-14 25-Jul-14 31-Aug-14 7-Sep-14 12-Sep-14 14-Sep-14
2014 S2CRB 8-Sep-14 5-Sep-14 28-Sep-14 5-Oct-14 31-Oct-14 2-Nov-14
2014 S2CISE 25-Aug-14 22-Aug-14 28-Sep-14 3-Oct-14 7-Oct-14 5-Oct-14
2014 S2CIOC 22-Sep-14 19-Sep-14 31-Oct-14 5-Nov-14 7-Nov-14 9-Nov-14
2014 S2CRS3 24-Nov-14 21-Nov-14 28-Nov-14 5-Dec-14 5-Dec-14 14-Dec-14
2014 S2CINO 27-Oct-14 24-Oct-14 30-Nov-14 3-Dec-14 5-Dec-14 7-Dec-14
2014 S2CIDE 24-Nov-14 21-Nov-14 10-Dec-14 15-Dec-14 17-Dec-14 28-Dec-14

Coursework dates – Semester 1

Academic Year code Session Teaching start Last date to add unit of study Census date DC date DF date Teaching End
2014 S1C 3-Mar-14 14-Mar-14 31-Mar-14 22-Apr-14 6-Jun-14 8-Jun-14
2014 S1NSEA 2-Dec-13   3-Jan-14 10-Jan-14 17-Jan-14 23-Feb-14
2014 S1NSMA 6-Jan-14   16-Jan-14 23-Jan-14 30-Jan-14 23-Feb-14
2014 S1NSLA 13-Jan-14   22-Jan-14 29-Jan-14 5-Feb-14 23-Feb-14
2014 S1CIJA 1-Jan-14 27-Dec-13 31-Jan-14 5-Feb-14 7-Feb-14 9-Feb-14
2014 S1CIFE 27-Jan-14 24-Jan-14 28-Feb-14 5-Mar-14 7-Mar-14 9-Mar-14
2014 S1CG 3-Mar-14 28-Feb-14 19-Mar-14 24-Mar-14 26-Mar-14 25-May-14
2014 S1CIMR 24-Feb-14 21-Feb-14 31-Mar-14 3-Apr-14 7-Apr-14 6-Apr-14
2014 S1CRA 3-Mar-14 28-Feb-14 31-Mar-14 7-Apr-14 18-Apr-14 20-Apr-14
2014 S1CIAP 24-Mar-14 21-Mar-14 30-Apr-14 5-May-14 7-May-14 4-May-14
2014 S1CRB 14-Apr-14 11-Apr-14 11-May-14 18-May-14 6-Jun-14 8-Jun-14
2014 S1CIMY 28-Apr-14 25-Apr-14 31-May-14 4-Jun-14 6-Jun-14 8-Jun-14
2014 S1CIJN 26-May-14 23-May-14 24-Jun-14 27-Jun-14 1-Jul-14 6-Jul-14

Research dates

Academic year code Session Teaching start Census date Teaching end
2014 S1C 3-Mar-14 31-Mar-14 8-Jun-14
2014 S1CRR3 1-Jul-14 31-Aug-14 30-Sep-14
2014 S1CRR4 1-Oct-14 31-Oct-14 31-Dec-14