2013 SSAF Allocation

2013 Allocation

The following graphs show the total allocation of the SSA fee across the student organisations and services, and the breakdowns of how these areas propose to spend their allocation.

Total 2013 Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF)

Total SSAF











Student Support Services


Capital Sinking Fund




Students' Representative Council (SRC)


Casework & Policy


Admin Department




Second-Hand bookshop




SRC Elections


Breakfast Bar


Legal Service




Sydney University Postgraduate Representative Association (SUPRA)


Advocacy Officers


Legal Services


Admin Wages




Council & Election Support


Admin & Management


Staff Support


Affiliations & Sponsorship




Community Development




Cumberland Student Guild (CSG)




Orientation Camp


Eastern University Games


Campus Sport and Recreation


Membership and Clubs and Societies


Membership and General Expenses




Sydney Uni Sport & Fitness (SUSF)


General Salary & Overtime Costs




Student Scholarships


Student Costs


Maintenance and Grounds


Worker's Compensation Insurance


Finance, Admin, Cleaning, IT and Support Services




University of Sydney Union (USU)


Art Collection and Gallery


International Student Lounge


Student Experience Program


Community Festivals


Student Coordinated programs


Cultural Partnerships












Student Publications


Student Entertainment




Student support services

Student support services

Disability Action Plan


International Students Careers Support


Centralised Peer Mentor Program Traingin


Expand Orientation and Transition Programs




Capital sinking fund

Capital sinking fund projects
Project Allocated Detail
University of Sydney Union
Fisher Library $1,000,000 Develop previously proposed cafes for these TLC precincts – Fisher, Carslaw and Engineering
Manning House $800,000 Refurbish Manning Food Court, including the removal of the Manning Kiosk from Manning Road, upgrade to existing tenanted shopfronts and improvements to facilities provided in the Food Court
USU sub-total $1,800,000 
Sydney Uni Sports and Fitness (SUSF)
SUSF Grandstand $1,000,000 Oval No.2 Redevelopment including Grandstand & Lighting ($9 million total. $8 million from other sources including SUSF & CPC project budget)
SUSF Boatshed $500,000 (for piling) Boatshed planning to replace the boatshed that was destroyed.
Hockey Oval $100,000 (from CIP budget for planning) Development of a hockey turf (contributions from SUSF and Hockey Club)
SUSF sub-total $1,500,000 
Demountable Village $50,000 Infrastructure improvement for postgraduate student communal spaces
SUPRA sub-total $50,000 
Student Support Services (SSS)
Jane Foss Russell Building $100,000 Creation of two offices from open plan workstation
Nepean Lodge $75,000 Replacement playground at Nepean Lodge
SSS sub-total $175,000 
Student Representative Council  
SRC $200,000

New Women’s Room– large space, capable of fitting a study & lounge area. It would also require a kitchenette &space for baby change tables.

Reconfiguration of office space to create a new shared office space for both staff and students.

Upgrade of toilet facilities. New bathrooms are needed with new toilets, cubicles and sinks.

SRC sub-total $200,000 
Cumberland Student Guild
Student Guild Building $70,000 Air conditioning of the café, common and serving areas to eliminate WHS issues with increased comfort to students and staff
Cumberland Student Guild sub-total $70,000  
Total (all projects) $3,795,000
Contingency $205,000
SUSF reserve project
Hockey square running track $100,000 2 lane running track along the edge of the Square playing field closest to the Education faculty building


The Student Consultative Committee (SCC) has been made the principal forum by which the University consults with student representatives and student organisations about the use of funds raised by the SSAF.

The SCC exists to:

(a) Ensure that the University meets the student consultation and other requirements of the Student Services and Amenities Representation and Advocacy Guidelines.

(b) Be a channel for the University to meet with democratically elected student representatives and officers of the University’s various student organisations to consider the priorities for use of SSAF revenue.

(c) Strive to secure where possible as part of the consultative process agreement in relation to the proposed prioritisation of SSAF funding and to ensure that funds have been distributed in accordance with this process.

How was the fee allocated in 2012?

The 2012 funds were allocated as follows:

Organisation Allocation
Students' Representative Council (SRC) $1,254,727
Sydney University Postgraduate Representative Association (SUPRA) $802,118
Cumberland Students Guild (CSG) $326,186
Sydney Uni Sports & Fitness (SUSF) $3,763,401
University of Sydney Union (USU) $3,183,939
Total $9,330,371

Additional funds

The 'Sydney Life Fund' was created following a review of student co-curricular experience. These funds are distributed as outcomes-focused grants, for projects that encourage student participation in the co-curricular experience. The allocation for 2012 was as follows:

Organisation Allocation
SRC $238,367
SUPRA $187,000
CSG $399,000
SUSF $136,000
USU $0*
Student Support Services $187,000
Total $1,147,367

*Note: The USU did not request additional funding from the Sydney Life Fund.