2014 SSAF allocation

In 2014 the allocation of Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF) proceeds will once again be wholly contestable with student organisations and Student Support Services collaborating and submitting consensus funding applications based on the following published SSAF Funding Priority Principles:

1. Sustainability
Funding outcomes which:

  • enable continuity of service planning and delivery;
  • enhance the capacity of the University’s independent student-run organisations.

2. Efficiency
Reduce duplication of effort and identify opportunities for greater shared service provision to maximise student service and amenity outcomes by:

  • consolidating collective membership, publication and marketing strategies where possible;
  • optimising the use of space and pursue co-location opportunities where possible;
  • amalgamating administrative functions where possible.

3. Demand driven
Deliver services and amenities which:

  • meet the needs of the broad cross-section of the University’s student community;
  • are inclusive of mode and campus of study;
  • ensure a transparent distribution of funds between recipient organisations based on demand.

4. Outcomes focused
Produce identifiable outcomes which:

  • increase service provision to students in areas specified in the Act;
  • facilitate funding to identified areas of service provision;
  • are accessible regardless of mode or campus of study.

Full details of how the 2014 SSA fee will be allocated across the student organisations and services will be announced shortly.