Consultation and allocation

2013 Allocation proposal

It is proposed that the 2013 allocation of SSAF proceeds are to be wholly contestable and that the SSAF Funding Priority Principles listed below provide a framework for determining funding allocations.

From the estimated $10-11 million proceeds from the SSAF it is proposed that a $2 million Capital Sinking Fund be established to contribute to the provision and maintenance of student amenities permissible under the legislation.

The University will seek also to establish Multi-year Funding Agreements with student organisations and Student Support Services for the allocation of future SSAF funds.

Student organisations and Student Support Services will be encouraged to collaborate and submit a consensus funding application based on the following SSAF Funding Priority Principles:

1. Sustainability

Funding outcomes which:

  • enable continuity of service planning and delivery
  • enhance the capacity of the University’s independent student-run organisations

2. Efficiency

Reduce duplication of effort and identify opportunities for greater shared service provision to maximise student service and amenity outcomes by:

  • consolidating collective membership, publication and marketing strategies where possible
  • optimising the use of space and pursue co-location opportunities where possible
  • amalgamating administrative functions where possible

3. Demand driven

Deliver services and amenities which:

  • meet the needs of the broad cross-section of the University’s student community
  • are inclusive of mode and campus of study
  • ensure a transparent distribution of funds between recipient organisations based on demand

4. Outcomes focused

Produce identifiable outcomes which:

  • increase service provision to students in areas specified in the Act
  • facilitate funding to identified areas of service provision
  • are accessible regardless of mode or campus of study


The Student Consultative Committee (SCC) has been made the principal forum by which the University consults with student representatives and student organisations about the use of funds raised by the SSAF.

The SCC will:

(a) Ensure that the University meets the student consultation and other requirements of the Student Services and Amenities Representation and Advocacy Guidelines.

(b) Be a channel for the University to meet with democratically elected student representatives and officers of the University’s various student organisations to consider the priorities for use of SSAF revenue.

(c) Strive to secure where possible as part of the consultative process agreement in relation to the proposed prioritisation of SSAF funding and to ensure that funds have been distributed in accordance with this process.

The Student Consultative Committee has been advised of the University’s intention to move to this funding model and will have an opportunity to comment on the establishment of a $2 million Capital Sinking Fund and SSAF Funding Priority Principles following SEG’s endorsement.

The revised Consultation Timeline to years end will be as follows:

Date Forum
16 August 2012 SEG to considered and endorsed the SSAF Funding Priority Principles for consultation
17 August 2012 Student organisations were invited to provide initial feedback on the proposed establishment of a $2 million Capital Sinking Fund and SSAF Funding Priority Principles
24 August 2012 The proposed establishment of a $2 million Capital Sinking Fund and SSAF Funding Priority Principles be published on the University's website and comment be invited from students and student organisations
6 September 2012 Meeting of the Student Consultative Committee to consider submissions and provide input into the University’s SSAF Funding Priority Principles
17 September 2012 Senate advised of the SSAF Funding Priority Principles for fee expenditure
18 September 2012 Invitations issued for SSAF funding submissions
4 October 2012 SSAF Budget Allocation Committee to consider collaborative funding request
18 October 2012 SSAF Budget Allocation Committee funding recommendations placed before Student Consultative Committee for information
25 October 2012 SEG determine funding allocations

How was the fee allocated in 2012?

The 2012 funds were allocated as follows:

Organisation Allocation
Students' Representative Council (SRC) $1,254,727
Sydney University Postgraduate Representative Association (SUPRA) $802,118
Cumberland Students Guild (CSG) $326,186
Sydney Uni Sports & Fitness (SUSF) $3,763,401
University of Sydney Union (USU) $3,183,939
Total $9,330,371

Additional funds

The 'Sydney Life Fund' was created following a review of student co-curricular experience. These funds are distributed as outcomes-focused grants, for projects that encourage student participation in the co-curricular experience. The allocation for 2012 is as follows:

Organisation Allocation
SRC $238,367
SUPRA $187,000
CSG $399,000
SUSF $136,000
USU $0*
Student Support Services $187,000
Total $1,147,367

*Note: The USU has not requested additional funding from the Sydney Life Fund.