Academic Matters - Enrolment and Credit Transfer

How your enrolment works

Exchange students remain enrolled at the University of Sydney whilst concurrently enrolling at a host university overseas. Your exact enrolment will be based upon the official Academic Approval Form for a Nominated Exchange Applicant forms signed by your faculty.

At the University of Sydney you will normally be enrolled in exchange units of study which provide a generic match for overseas courses equivalents. Examples are below:





BIOL3555 Biology Exchange 6 credits Equivalent to an overseas Biology  course
HSTY2805 History Exchange 6 credits Equivalent to an overseas History course
BUSS9224 International Exchange Program 24 credits Equivalent to a full-time semester's study load of Business Electives

While generic matches remove the need to find overseas courses that are the same as those at the University of Sydney, it is still very important to ensure that the courses you enrol in at the host university are suitable for your degree requirements and have been approved for credit by your faculty.

In order to view all the generic exchange units of study available for outbound exchange students, please access the Online Unit of Study Database using the instructions below.

  1. Go to the Find a Course Search Engine
  2. In the drop down box next to the Search button select "Units of Study"
  3. In the Search field type "Exchange"
  4. Click on the Search button.

The resulting list will provide you with the codes of all generic exchange units of study in a particular discipline.

You are unable to enrol in these units of study without prior approval from your home faculty. You are unable to add or drop these units using web enrolment variation facilities. You must either enrol in person or have a proxy enrol for you at the faculty. Your proxy must submit an official proxy form to the faculty in order to act on your behalf.

Credit Transfer

On completion of your exchange, your host university will normally send your final academic transcript to your Exchange Adviser at the University of Sydney. We will forward this to your home faculty who will use your official overseas transcript and any other required documentation to credit your overseas results towards your University of Sydney degree.

The overseas subjects you enrol in will not appear on your University of Sydney transcript. All generic exchange units of study will appear on your Sydney transcript with results of “SR” (Satisfied Requirements). Exchange results are not normally counted in your WAM (Weighted Average Mark) or AAM (Annual Average Mark).

You can request a copy of your overseas transcript from your host university to keep as part of your academic record and for your career portfolio/resumé.