Resources for Sydney exchange students

For Prospective Applicants

  • University Exchange Partner List - Download the current University Exchange Partner List (pdf - updated April 2015). This list indicates which partnerships are open for applications during this semester and outlines important conditions and restrictions that may apply at partner destinations. NOTE: While the University has many partnerships, exchange places may not be available at all destinations every semester. There is no guarantee that an agreement that has been suspended in one semester will re-open the next semester.
  • Application for the International Exchange Program - Exchange application information can be found here.

For Current Students on Exchange

The following resources are for students currently overseas as part of the International Exchange Program.

  • Predeparture Guide and Presentation
    The most recent Predeparture Guide (pdf) and Predeparture Session presentation provide an overview of predeparture preparation but also includes procedures post-arrival overseas, as well as, instructions on academic matters such as academic approval and post-exchange credit transfer.
  • Academic Approval Form for Nominated Exchange Student
    The Academic Approval Form for Nominated Exchange Student (pdf) is to be used to finalise actual units to be credited on exchange. Completed forms must be submitted to your home faculty at least four weeks prior to the start of your exchange or prior to your departure from Australia, whichever is earlier.
  • Enrolment Proxy Form
    The Authority for a Person to Act as Proxy for a Student at Enrolment form (pdf) is to be given to your home faculty or the Student Centre by your proxy when they seek amendments or clarification about your enrolment.
  • Proxy for Outbound Exchange Matters
    The Authority to Act as Proxy for an Outbound Exchange Student (pdf) form is to be used by your proxy in relation to all exchange matters with your Exchange Adviser at International Services.
  • Exchange Experience Evaluation 1
    Exchange Experience Evaluation 1 (electronic form version) is due one month after exchange period commences.
    (This is an electronic form - you may save changes and email this form back to your Exchange Adviser)
  • Exchange Experience Evaluation 2
    Exchange Experience Evaluation 2 (electronic form version) is due one month prior to the end of the exchange period.
    (This is an electronic form - you may save changes and email this form back to your Exchange Adviser)
  • Post-Exchange Credit Transfer
    The Post-Exchange Credit Transfer Form (pdf) must be submitted to your home faculty after exchange period is concluded. Results cannot be transferred without this form. This forms only applies for students in the Faculties of Agriculture and Environment; Arts & Social Sciences; Health Science and Science.
Promotional material

Whilst overseas on exchange you may be invited by your host university to promote exchange study at the University of Sydney during information sessions and study abroad fairs. To assist you in this ambassadorial role, we have provided some online resources below for you to use. If you require further materials, such as a bundle of printed Study Abroad Program brochures and posters, contact your Exchange Adviser or our reception at and we will mail these to your host university’s Exchange/Study Abroad Office.