New Colombo Plan

The New Colombo Plan 2014 pilot was launched on 10 December 2013 by the Minister for Foreign Affairs, the Hon. Julie Bishop MP. The program is an Australian Government initiative, which aims to expand knowledge of the Indo-Pacific in Australia and strengthen institutional relationships through study and internships undertaken by Australian undergraduates in the region.

Over time, the Australian Government hopes to see study in the Indo-Pacific region become a "rite of passage" for Australian undergraduate students, and as an endeavour that is highly valued across the Australian community linking study and work experience in the region to exciting career opportunities. The New Colombo Plan will encourage a genuine two-way flow of students with the region, increasing the number of Australian undergraduates heading to the region to complement the thousands of students from the region coming to Australia to study each year.

The Government has earmarked $100 million towards the New Colombo Plan over the next five years. The plan will commence in 2015, after a pilot phase in 2014 in which only Japan, Indonesia, Singapore and Hong Kong are participating. The pilot phase will involve two main components, a scholarship program and a mobility grants scheme.

New Colombo Plan Mobility Grant Information for Students – Tranche 2 – INDONESIA
The University of Sydney will be supporting additional students in a variety of outbound short-term mobility programs in Indonesia. Expressions of Interest now open.

New Colombo Plan Mobility Grant Information for Students – Tranche 1 – SINGAPORE
Applications for the June 2014 commencement have now closed. Interested students may wish to consider applying for Tranche 2 - Indonesia.

New Colombo Plan Scholarship Information for Students
Scholarship applications for the Semester 2 2015 commencement have now closed. The scholarship information currently provided will be updated when the next round is opened.

New Colombo Plan Info for Academics
The Tranche 2 pilot round has now closed. The information currently provided applies only to Tranche 2 submissions and will be updated when the next round is opened.

Visit the New Colombo Plan website for more information.