New Colombo Plan Mobility Grant Information for Students – Tranche 1 – SINGAPORE

Applications for Tranche 1 - Singapore have now closed

The University of Sydney has successfully secured funding from the government’s New Colombo Plan pilot program to help support a cohort of 20 students to participate in a short-term interdisciplinary fieldschool to Singapore. If you are an undergraduate student from the Faculty of Architecture, Design and Planning, the Faculty of Arts and Social Science, the Sydney Business School or the Faculty of Science, you may be eligible to participate in this program.

The Program

In this short-term study option you will spend two weeks in Singapore working in interdisciplinary teams to understand and analyse the Singapore government’s housing policy. This policy, established in the 1960s, has resulted in the majority of Singaporeans living in high density public housing and experiencing the lowest levels of homelessness in the region. In recent decades, however, population growth and aspirations to own private property have increased housing prices to unsustainable levels. At the same time, the strict eligibility criteria for public housing exclude some of the most vulnerable. Pressures of affordability, ethnic diversity, aging and barriers to inter-generational housing transfer of housing are – in Singapore as in Australia – major policy challenges that require a problem-based, rather than disciplinary, response.

Supervised by Professor Peter Armstrong (Faculty of Architecture Design and Planning) and Dr Thushara Dibley (the Sydney Southeast Asia Centre), five students each from the Faculty of Architecture, Design and Planning, the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, the Sydney Business School and the Faculty of Science will spend two weeks in-country working in interdisciplinary teams to build, assess and analyse this complex problem and the Singapore government’s response to it.

Before travelling to Singapore, you will participate in a comprehensive study program that includes background study of Singapore and its housing policy, exposure to interdisciplinary methodologies, intercultural training and language study (in Malay). In the field, you will participate in lectures by academics from the National University of Singapore, mentoring opportunities with NGOs and site visits. You will complete a structured program of group-based and individual assessment. In addition to cultivating your understanding of the challenges and reward of interdisciplinary work, this program will enhance your negotiation and communication skills and allow you to develop insight into the subtleties of cultural difference in a highly developed, largely English-speaking Asian society.

Expression of Interest

Applications Tranche 1 – Singapore have now closed.
Interested students may wish to consider applying for Tranche 2 - Indonesia.

Please note that places are limited and your faculty will make the final decision about whether you are eligible to participate.