New Colombo Plan Mobility Grant Information for Students – Tranche 2 – INDONESIA

Mid-way through its pilot year, The New Colombo Plan continuous to offer a growing number of Australian undergraduate students opportunities to broaden their study and internship experiences in Indonesia, Japan, Singapore and Hong Kong. Following the announcement of the second tranche of funding, The University of Sydney will be supporting additional students in a variety of programs in Indonesia.

The Program

A wide variety of programs offered around Indonesia include:

Batam, Indonesia
Rural-Urban Migration Interdisciplinary Fieldschool

Jakarta, Indonesia
Geography Semester Immersion (Placements Allocated)
Transport Interdisciplinary Fieldschool (Placements Allocated)

Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Architecture Workshop (Placements Allocated)
Medicine Clinical Placement (Placements Allocated)
Veterinary Science Mentorship (Placements Allocated)
Law Fieldschool

Expression of Interest

Each successful candidate could receive up to $4,000 to put towards the cost of the program, travel and incidental costs. If you are interested in participating in this program, please click here to complete the form.

Please note that places are limited and your faculty will make the final decision regarding your eligibility to participate.