Westpac Bicentennial Foundation Asian Exchange Scholarships

Westpac Bicentennial Foundation Overview

The Westpac Bicentennial Foundation believes an educated workforce helps drive a dynamic and productive economy, and the power of education goes way beyond the individual. It has a multiplier effect helping to change the lives of individuals, families, friends and communities – all to the positive impact on the economy. We believe supporting education is a foundation for developing our national capability to address the challenges and opportunities we face.

In support of this vision, the Westpac Bicentennial Foundation has launched an Asian Exchange Scholarship program of which the University of Sydney is a proud founding partner. Starting in 2015, the vision is to have 200 Wesptac Asian Exchange Scholars as Alumni by 2017, when Westpac celebrates it bicentenary.

What is the Asian Exchange Scholarship?

Encouraging students to 'build their own adventure' this Scholarship allows students the freedom to individualise their exchange program and enhance their experience through a range of opportunities beyond the classroom.

The rise of Asia presents a unique opportunity for Australia. With this rapid growth in economic power and influence in our region, Australia is well placed to contribute to, and benefit from, growth opportunities on our doorstep.

To thrive and prosper in the years ahead, our future leaders will need to have deeper connections, skills and capabilities in Asia. Already the most populous region in the world, the coming decades will give rise to an increasingly wealthy and mobile Asian middle class, creating new opportunities across a range of industries. A greater understanding of Asian cultures and languages will be vital to build stronger connections and partnerships across the region.

Asian Exchange scholars will help build a cohort of Asia-literate future leaders and the Foundation welcomes applications from students in any academic discipline.

What are the benefits?

The Asian Exchange Scholarships provide the following benefits:

  • $10,000 per student to undertake one semester of formal study at a participating Asian University;
  • The opportunity to 'build your own adventure' giving students the flexibility to individualise their exchange experience. This may be a local internship, volunteering or work experience to enrich each student’s Asian cultural adventure; and
  • Scholarship recipients become members of the Westpac Scholars Alumni program and gain access to ongoing networking, learning and development opportunities.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Be enrolled as an undergraduate in second year or beyond at a participating Australian university in any course of study;
  • Be an Australian citizen or permanent resident;
  • Have a strong academic performance demonstrated by a credit average at the time of application and throughout the selection process;
  • Be seeking a semester long exchange at one of our participating Asian universities;
  • Have a desire to learn about a specific Asian culture, language and/or business through a combination of academic study and cultural immersion; and
  • Have a commitment to be an active Westpac Scholars alumni member and to advocate for the value of shared understanding between Australia and Asia.

Who are we looking for?

What will make a Westpac Scholar stand out? In conjunction with the eligbility criteria above, we are looking for candidates who not only demonstrate outstanding academic potential but the drive to build to a better future for Australia. Scholarships are open to students from all walks of life who have:

1. Passion for Asia
  • a clear understanding of Asia’s role in Australia’s future prosperity
  • a desire to learn about a specific Asian culture, language, tradition or business through a combination of academic study and cultural immersion.
2. Focus on personal growth and development
  • seeks new and challenging experiences
  • Ambition to build a future career connected to the Asia region.
3. Commitment
  • to be an active Westpac Scholars Alumni member and to advocate for the value of shared understanding between Australia and Asia.
4. Diversity
  • bringing a variety of skills, beliefs, backgrounds and experiences.
5. Academic excellence
  • maintain at least a minimum credit average (65%).

Where can I study in Asia

The University of Sydney offers student exchanges with the following Asian universities.

  • Beijing: Tsinghua University and Peking University
  • Hong Kong: University of Hong Kong and Chinese University of Hong Kong
  • Shanghai: Fudan University and Shanghai Jiao Tong University
  • Singapore: National University of Singapore and Nanyang Technological University.

How do I apply?

Interested students must first apply for a place in the International Exchange Program by preferencing up to 5 from the 8 targeted host universities on their application. Key deadlines are:

Applicants who are nominated to one of the institutions listed above may then be invited to apply for the Asian Exchange Scholarship.

The University of Sydney will conduct an initial shortlisting process to select the top candidates. These candidates will then be asked to apply directly to the Westpac Bicentennial Foundation.

A final selection process will follow with representatives from the Westpac Bicentennial Foundation.

For more information

If you have any enquiries, please contact the International Exchange Program team at Sydney Abroad:

T:+61 2 8627 8322
W: Westpac Bicentennial Foundation Asian Exchange Scholarships