International student advisers

Our International Student Advisers provide support to international students on issues related to student visas, scholarship and general academic progression. We can help you by:

  • discussing any concerns you have about these issues
  • referring you to appropriate support services on campus
  • generating supporting documentation so that you can apply for a new student visa
  • sending you periodic international newsletters, updates and event invitations.

We also meet with and provide advice to international students who did not pass 50 per cent or more of their units of study in the preceding semester and were not placed on the Academic Progression Register as per the University's Coursework Policy. Should you be asked to attend a meeting of this type with us, it is most important that you attend. Please read the information below about mandatory student interviews carefully.

How to schedule a meeting with us

We are more than happy to meet with you one-on-one should you wish to discuss your concerns or ask us a question. To schedule a meeting with us, please by email. In your message please provide the following information:

  • a brief description of what you wish to discuss with us
  • three dates and times at which you would be available to meet (in order of preference)
  • your full name and student ID number
  • your telephone number.

Providing us with this information will allow us to schedule your meeting efficiently. Most student meetings last approximately half an hour. Please indicate if you think you might need to meet for longer than half an hour so that we can ensure we are available.

Satisfactory Academic Progress

Student visa holders are required to maintain satisfactory academic progress. If you have not passed 50% or more of your units of study in the previous semester and have not been placed on the Academic Progression Register, you will be sent an email with some helpful information about University services available to support you with your studies. You may access the following services as a student of the University:

  • counseling
  • academic skills workshops
  • disability support
  • financial support
  • careers/employment
  • staying on track sessions
  • more information can be found at student services

Please note that your faculty will contact you regarding academic progression if you have been places on the register. You are required to comply with any faculty advice or warning and this may include a requirement to contact a faculty adviser, completing a survey, attending an information session and/or writing a formal response to your faculty.

Sponsored international students

Sponsored international students have an additional responsibility to ensure that their enrolment is in accordance with the conditions of their sponsorship.

  • In most cases, sponsors expect students to complete their studies within the expected time frame and may not necessarily support extensions of course duration.
  • If a course extension is supported by the sponsor, the student may be required to obtain a new Financial Guarantee Letter.
  • As a condition of their sponsorship, sponsored international students may not be allowed to study any unit of study online or to reduce their study load.

Sponsored international students should contact their sponsor or an International Student Adviser if they are unsure about how their enrolment may impact their sponsorship.

Some sponsors contact the International Student Advisers for further information in regards to academic results, academic progression and enrolment of sponsored international students. The International Student Advisers are not able to share your information without your consent. For this reason, you may be asked to complete a Permission To Release Personal Information Form.
Australia Awards and ADB sponsored students should contact their respective specialist advisers.