Indigenous Tutorial Assistance Scheme (ITAS)

The Indigenous Tutorial Assistance Scheme (ITAS) aims to help all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students achieve academic success. ITAS is a Commonwealth funded program that provides Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students with one-on-one private or group tuition. The program is designed to assist Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students in their tertiary studies by aligning them with qualified ITAS tutors suited to the students' needs.

ITAS is an academic support initiative of the Prime Minister and Cabinet (PMC), which aims to improve educational outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students. PMC funding covers the costs associated with providing tutors to aid Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students in their studies. There is no charge to the students themselves.

Am I eligible?

To be eligible, you must:

  • be of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander descent, and
  • identify as an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander, and
  • be accepted as an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander in the community in which you live or have lived.

You must be enrolled full time, part time, or by any mode of distance education, in a formal course of study leading to a certificate, diploma, degree, or other qualification at the University of Sydney, or be accepted for enrolment in a course that commences within one month of lodging an application for assistance.

How to apply

Applications are available from this website (see top right panel), and through the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Student Support Officer (ITAS), . Applications are submitted directly to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Student Support Officer ITAS at the University on the main campus, Yooroang Garang on the Cumberland campus, and with student administration on regional campuses.

How it works

Once the application has been lodged, an assessment is made of your needs. This is done by lecturers or course coordinators where possible, or by another appropriate academic staff member. In exceptional circumstances, an independent assessor may be engaged to provide the assessment, but this must not be an existing or potential tutor.

If you are successful, the ITAS Administrator will match you with tutors who have skills, knowledge and expertise of the chosen discipline in which tutoring is required.

The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Student Support Officer ITAS then arranges a meeting between you and the tutor. When meeting face-to-face is not possible, telephone and email are used for tutor/student communication. In the first meeting, sessions are negotiated for (in the first instance) a maximum of 4 hours per week.

The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Student Support Officer ITAS maintains constant contact with both student and tutor to gather feedback and progress updates. Any concerns that students or tutors may have should be raised with the Officer.

Tutoring is available at any stage in your course

Students often think tutoring support is only there to be used when they are really struggling with their studies, but in fact, it is available to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students enrolled at the University, at any stage of their course, whether they are studying part-time, full-time, on a reduced load or by block-mode.

Please read through the information sheets provided and contact the if you have any questions.

Information for tutors

If you are interested in becoming an ITAS tutor, please complete the Tutor Application and return to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Student Support Officer ITAS via email or at the address listed on the top right of this page.

If your application is approved, you will be added to our database. If we are able to match you to a student seeking tutoring, we will arrange for you and the student to meet. If you and the student are happy to proceed, we will send you a contract setting out the subjects for which you will provide tutoring, the pay rate, contract dates and maximum hours.

Your contract will be for two hours per subject per week from the commencement of the tuition for the remainder of either the semester or year.

If you have not already done so, you will be expected to complete a two-hour cultural competency training session in the first month of your contract. This will be included in your contract and you will be paid for this session.

Your contract will also include up to five hours for exam preparation in addition to the subject tutoring. You will need to receive and return a new contract for each semester, unless you have been contracted to supply tutoring for a year-long unit of study.

Please note that you cannot be paid for any work done before you have returned your signed contract.

Current ITAS tutors can download Online pay claims and associated information from this page. Please note the cut-off dates for pay weeks.


Before your first tutoring session, you must return the signed contract.

Current pay rates are:
Individual tuition: $48.67/hr
Group tuition: $58.21/hr

In your first session, you and the student will draft a work plan, which you must submit with your first pay claim.

Every pay claim must be accompanied by a Verification form, which must be countersigned by the student. This must not be completed in advance and the claim will not be approved without this documentation. These can be posted, dropped off in person or sent to . Pay claims will be submitted online. These must be completed by the Thursday before payday. Pay claims submitted after the end of contract date will incur extra delays.


The ITAS scheme is funded by the Commonwealth Government. One of the requirements of the scheme is that we receive an assessment of the effectiveness of your tutoring from the students’ class tutors or lecturers. This assessment must take place before you can be re-engaged.