Student locking up her bike

Riding your bike to uni is a great way to exercise, save money on public transport and help the environment.

Use this bicycle map to help you plot the safest way to cycle to the University.

There are plenty of places to lock up your bike while you're in a lecture or tutorial and these are indicated on the University's campus maps (select your campus and tick 'bike parking' in the list of Amenities).

Cycle with confidence

The City of Sydney offers two free courses for bike riders to help you get the skills and confidence to safely ride in urban areas.

Staying safe

Don't forget that you must satisfy the following legal requirements when riding:

  • You must wear an approved safety helmet at all times while riding.
  • Your bike must be fitted with front and rear lights for use at night and have a red rear reflector.
  • You must have a working bell or horn on your bicycle which allows you to warn other road users of your presence.

You should also be aware of the general road rules so that you can anticipate the actions of car drivers and the legal speed limit on roads you use.