Driving and parking

For the best parking options on campus, view our online campus maps. Parking must be in allocated parking bays at all times. The University is conveniently located close to public transport hubs and we encourage you to use these and our bicycle parking.

Locate parking spaces by selecting the ‘Carpark’ or ‘Motorcycle parking’ options under Amenities in our campus maps.

Casual parking on the Camperdown/Darlington Campus

If you want to park in the University and do not have a parking permit, you need to obtain a ticket from the Pay and Display machines located around the campus.

Tickets must be displayed in accordance with instructions printed on them, usually face-up on the dashboard in a clearly visible position, to avoid any infringements.

Daytime casual parking rates (6am–3pm, Monday to Friday)

Camperdown & Darlington campuses
$24 flat rate (valid to 6am on the next morning)
(Excluding the New Law Building carpark, which is permit-holders only 6am-3pm Monday to Friday). We recommend that during these hours you use the Shepherd Street carpark.

Shepherd Street carpark
$24 flat rate (valid to 6am on the next morning)
$4 hourly rate (to maximum $24)

Evening and weekend casual parking rates (3pm–6am, Monday to Friday; 6am Saturday to 6am Monday)

Camperdown and Darlington campuses, Western Avenue Carpark and Shepherd Street carpark
$6 flat rate (valid to following 6am only)
$2 hourly rate (to maximum $6)

Casual parking at other campuses and residential colleges

All other campus and residential college carparks have signage indicating local parking restrictions. Parking in these areas generally is restricted to authorised vehicles only and requires the permission of the college or faculty responsible for the particular area. Where paid casual parking is permitted, such as some areas of Cumberland campus, the cost is indicated upon entry.

Parking permits and costs

To renew a parking permit, use the Parking permits application, prices are listed here.

Contact the Traffic and Parking Office if you need help or further information:

Traffic and Parking Office
Level 1, Services Building (G12)
22 Codrington Street
Darlington Campus
T +61 2 9351 3336
E security.traffic@sydney.edu.au

Traffic and Parking Office prior to expiry, and apply for a pro rata refund (calculated weekly), less administration fees, of the remaining time.

Temporary replacement permit

If you need a temporary replacement permit for your vehicle for a time period of up to one month, for example if you are driving a different vehicle to your usual one, contact . The Traffic and Parking Office will organise a temporary permit and let you know when it's ready for collection.

If you are on the Camperdown/Darlington Campus, you can also go directly to the Campus Assist helpdesk on the ground level of the Services Building G12 and your temporary permit will be organised on the spot.

Regular visitors

Regular visitors to the University can obtain a visitor parking permit from the , allowing visits up to three hours (cost per annum). This permit is for use by bona fide visitors only and is not available to staff and students.

VIP and official visitors' parking

Discounted parking is available to VIP or official visitors. Please contact the faculty/department you are visiting or email the to arrange this.


We do not allocate parking spaces for events. If you require special access for VIPs or people with particular access needs, please contact University Venues.

If you intend to drive a bus onto campus, or hire one to come onto campus, you need to notify University Venues in advance. Buses are not permitted to park on University grounds, but can drop off or pick up passengers.

If you are making a delivery, please notify University Venues of your intention to be on site as unauthorised vehicles may be fined.

Road rules

Roadways and parking areas within the University of Sydney are "Roads & Road-Related Areas" for the purposes of the Australian Road Rules and the NSW Road Transport (Safety & Traffic Management) Act 1999. This means drivers are required to observe the rules as they would on any public street. The law therefore requires that, on the University campuses, seat belts must be worn, safety helmets must be worn and local speed limits observed.

The grounds and roadways of the University of Sydney are also controlled by "Resolutions of Senate" enacted under the University of Sydney Act. These Resolutions are published in the University Calendar. In addition, the Enclosed Lands Protection Act is relevant in the management of access for persons and vehicles.


You need to comply with all signage and pavement markings displayed at access points, carparks and throughout University grounds.

If your vehicle is in breach of the rules, an infringement notice can be issued by an authorised Campus Security Officer.

The fine for illegally parking on University grounds is at least $99. This penalty is determined under the Australian Road Rules, not by the University.

Fines are processed by the State Debt Recovery Office, and are subject to enforcement in the same way as if the offense occurred on a public street.

If you receive an infringement notice, read the ‘Method of Disposal’ section on the back, for information on how to pay.