Our aims

Our aim is to build a team of data science experts to develop and deliver data science solutions in a variety of disciplines. As well as fundamental research, the Centre is engaged in data science projects across the University in collaboration with the Sydney Informatics Hub.

We are:

  • building a world-class research capacity in data science and machine learning
  • supporting multidisciplinary research through partnerships with faculties and schools, to develop the methods, technologies and tools to translate data science for particular disciplines through the Data Science Team in the Sydney Informatics Hub (a Core Research Facility).
  • multidisciplinary and designed to accelerate quality and scale in areas in which we can become clearly pre-eminent
  • co-writing applications for funding with researchers across a broad range of faculties to increase grant application success
  • providing translational facilities and engineering support so all researchers can access our tools and technologies and apply data-driven methods
  • working with faculties and schools to provide teaching and training in data science to a new generation of students and scholars
  • developing the capacity to engage with external partners, including industry and government, using data science and machine learning methods to achieve economic and social impact
  • teaching data science across mathematics and computer science
  • training, supporting and building a new generation of students in the methodology and technology of data-driven science
  • building data-science capabilities across all disciplines
  • teaching and developing the Master of Data Science, a unique professional postgraduate program.