Research partnerships

We are involved in a broad range and expanding number of research projects with University, government and industry partners. We are undertaking innovative new research in data science and machine learning to provide the algorithms and tools to enable data-driven discovery, developing new ways of learning and testing scientific theories.

Focus areas

We are working closely with colleagues across the University and with industry and government agencies to develop data-driven approaches and a new, collaborative paradigm for scientific discovery.

We are in discussions to broaden the opportunities offered by data science methodology with a broad range and expanding number of partners and collaborators.

Physical Science and Engineering
Within the physical sciences and engineering, we work across such wide-ranging disciplines as astronomy, energy, geosciences and water.

Some of the organisations we work with include:

Life Science and Medicine
Our research partnerships in the life sciences and medicine include work within agriculture, cancer care, human and veterinary health as well as infectious diseases and sustainability.

We are already working with key groups such as:

Arts and Social Sciences
The use of data science within the disciplines of arts and social sciences has been growing exponentially. With particular applications within education, language and culture, transport and infrastructure and urban planning, some of our research partnerships include: