Professional Staff Roles and Contacts

The Faculty's administrative and IT staff are located in the Sydney Dental Hospital and the Westmead Centre for Oral Health (Westmead Hospital). Curriculum Services staff at the Sydney Dental Hospital spend some time working with counterpart staff in the Faculty of Medicine (in the Edward Ford Building at the Camperdown campus). Continuing Education in Dentistry is located in the Sydney Dental Hospital.

Faculty Executive  
 General Manager   Clare Bayliss
 Senior Administrative & Student Affairs Manager /Alumni Relations Officer   Denise Fischer
 Associate Director, Development   Ene Juurma  
 Faculty Accountant      Frank Leung     
 Administration Services Officer        Monica Nou
 Executive Assistant to the Dean      Bernadette Schwennesen
Learning & Teaching Administration  
 Learning and Teaching Services Manager    Ai-Lin Nio     
 Senior Policy Officer      Jackie Williamson
 Project Officer - Rural Placement, Electives & Honours     Nicole Taylor
 Learning and Teaching Services Officer    Arthi Chauhan                                                             
 Student Administration Officer    Carolyn Bolger
 Learning and Teaching Services Officer DMD 1 & 2    Dominique Wilson
 Assessments Officer - Year 1 & 2     Natasha Pavic
 Assessments Officer - Year 3 & 4     Marty Darragh
 Admin Officer, Bachelor of Oral Health Program     Dianne Smith
 Dental Simulation Clinic Coordinator -Westmead     Angela Eberle
 Faculty Support Officer      William Thevapalan
Research and Postgraduate Support  
 Research and Postgraduate Studies Administration Officer   Tracey Bowerman                
 Learning and Teaching Officer (Postgraduate)      Alison Reid
 Administrative Officer          Tina Fulham
 Executive Assistant - Orthodontics        Rebecca Chan
 Administrative Services Officer (Postgraduate) - Orthodontics     Aysin Darendeliler
 Research and Education Officer    Terry Whittle
 Research Officer        Elizabeth Kelly
Continuing Education in Dentistry  
 Manager                    Miriel Hobbs                                                                                                   
 Administration Officer            Donna Triantafyllou  

Please click here for the General & Professional staff Organisational Chart.