Faculty of Dentistry Academic Governance

Prof Chris Peck

Heads of Discipline

  1. In conjunction with other Discipline Heads and the relevant Associate Dean, oversee the planning and implementation of the respective discipline components of the integrated curricula in the diploma programs the Doctor of Dental Medicine Bachelor of Oral Health and Doctor of Clinical Dentistry degrees.
  2. Contribute to a range of matters relevant to the respective discipline in the faculty such as curriculum content and integration, assessments, teaching hospital liaison, staffing and teaching allocation.
  3. Advise the Dean on matters requiring Faculty-level attention/intervention.
  4. Provide a leadership role to discipline staff and supervise staff accordingly ensuring performance and professional development management plans are in place for reporting staff.
  5. Participate in Australian Dental Council accreditation as required.

Cluster A
Exodontia - Dr Stephen Cox
Oral Surgery - Dr Stephen Cox
Oral Medicine - A/Prof Hans Zoellner
Oral Pathology - A/Prof Hans Zoellner
Radiology - Dr Antonia Scott
Special Care - Clinical A/Prof Mark Shifter
Cluster B
Endodontics - Dr Michelle Heffernan
Tooth Conservation - A/Prof Elizabeth Martin
Oral Rehabilitation - Prof Iven Klineberg
Periodontology - A/Prof Axel Spahr
Cluster C
Orthodontics - Prof Ali Darendeliler
Paediatric Dentistry - Clinical A/Prof Angus Cameron
Population Oral Health - Prof Anthony Blinkhorn
Cluster D
Behavioural Sciences - Lucy Michalewska
Biomaterials - Prof Mike Swain
Integrated Life Sciences - Prof Neil Hunter

Associate Deans

Research - Prof Neil Hunter
Prof Greg Murray
Learning & Teaching - A/Prof Elizabeth Martin

Director (Rural & Clinical Governance)

Rural & Clinical Governance Prof Iven Klineberg

Academic Co-ordinators (Doctor of Dental Medicine, Bachelor of Dentistry, Bachelor of Oral Health)

Admissions - Dr Stephen Cox
Oversight of the admissions policy and process in consultation with the Dean, Faculty Manager and the Sydney Medical School; Co-chair of the Medicine/Dentistry Admissions Committee.

Assessments - Ms Wendy Currie
Oversight of assessment policies and processes within the Faculty partnering with the Associate Dean (L&T), Curriculum Services & Operations Manager; Chair of Assessment Committee.

Course development & units of study - Dr Delyse Leadbeatter
Oversight and co-ordination of course development including progressing the relevant documentation through the Learning & Teaching Committee and the Faculty Board; and unit of study oversight and management.

Evaluations - Dr Delyse Leadbeatter
Oversight of evaluations policies and processes within the Faculty partnering with the Associate Dean (L&T).

Clinical staffing & rostering - A/Prof Liz Martin (Westmead)
Dr Susie Dracopoulos (Sydney Dental Hospital)
Oversight of clinical staffing and rostering in collaboration with the Curriculum Services & Hospital Liaison Officer; collaborate with Heads of Discipline to optimize the use of staff across clinics.

e-Learning -
Dr Susie Dracopoulos
Oversight of development, implementation and prioritization of e-learning activities across all courses partnering with the e-Learing Co-ordinator; optimize use of e-learning in all courses.

Electives (including international exposure) - Ms Robyn Watson (outbound) & Dr Amit Arora (inbound)
Oversight of (outbound) electives visits for BDent & BOH students and for (inbound) visiting students.

Hospital liaison (Sydney Dental Hospital) - Dr Alicja Smiech
Oversight of effective liaison and co-ordination between the Faculty and the Sydney Dental Hospital and metropolitan clinics.

Mentoring -
A/Prof Liz Martin
Oversight of student mentoring program, including mentor development to ensure goals are met (mentoring and assessing individual students; overall supervision of care and management of patients by their team and by individual students in the team); work closely with Learning Solutions in development of a mentoring program.

Policy, resolutions & course development - Ms Wendy Currie
Oversight of policy and resolutions development and their interface with course development in partnership with the Associate Dean (L&T), Senior Policy Officer, and the Faculty Manager; communication with the Dental Board of Australia and the Australian Dental Council with respect to new course applications, course reviews and accreditation.

Simulation learning environments - Dr Susie Dracopoulos
Oversight of simulation learning environments within curricula partnering with the Curriculum Services & Operations Manager; ensure effective and efficient use of simulation learning environments by all stakeholders (including the management of timetabling and procurement).

DMD Implementation Coordinator - Ms Wendy Currie
Responsible to A/Dean (L&T) for coordination of the implementation of DMD for 2011.
Collaborates with Unit of Study Coordinators, Curriculum Services and Operations manager to manage, through the implementation working group, the implementation of the DMD curriculum.

Unit of Study Co-ordinators (Doctor of Dental Medicine)

  1. Oversee, co-ordinate and ensure the provision of unit of study learning objectives and curriculum content in collaboration with Heads of Discipline and discipline staff.
  2. Oversee unit of study assessments in collaboration with Heads of Discipline and the Academic Co-ordinator for assessments.
  3. Oversee the sequencing and choice of modes of delivery for respective units of study.
  4. Oversee the timely provision of timetabling information to the Curriculum Services & Operations Manager, and staff of Curriculum Services.
  5. Co-ordinate staffing to effectively service the respective units of study in collaboration with Heads of Discipline, and discipline staff.

Integrated Life Sciences - TBA
Research - TBA
Professional & Community Practice - TBA
Comprehensive Care Dentistry I - TBA
Comprehensive Care Dentistry II - TBA
Orthodontics & Paediatric Dentistry - TBA
Oral Surgical and Diagnostic Sciences - TBA

Postgraduate Coordinator - Dr Ky-Anh Nguyen

Theme Heads (Bachelor of Dentistry)

Life Sciences Dr Munira Xaymardan
Personal & Professional Development (PPD) - Vacant
Dentist & Community Dr Shanti Sivaneswaran
Total Patient Care (TPC) A/Prof F. Elizabeth Martin

Bachelor of Oral Health (BOH) Coordinator & Head - Dr Kimberly Mathieu Coulton

Strand Co-ordinators (Bachelor of Oral Health)

Assist the Director (Bachelor of Oral Health) in relation to an academic strand of the Bachelor of Oral Health in relation to unit of study learning objectives, curriculum content, resource requirements, sequencing, modes of delivery, timetabling, assessments, and progression.

Life Sciences - A/Prof Hans Zoellner
Dental Hygiene - Dr Kimberly Coulton
Dental Therapy - Ms Grace Wong
Oral Health Promotion - Ms Cathryn Forsyth

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