Dentistry Alumni

The University of Sydney Dental Alumni Society is the oldest of its kind in Australia. Use the links to the left-hand side of this page to find out about the society, its history, how to join, how to contribute and about some notable members.

Notable Alumni

Dr Veronica Lambert (BDS '82)

Dr Lambert receives the 2005 Alumni Award for Achievement in Community in recognition of her selfless and courageous work as a forensic dentist.

Dr Lambert assisted with the identification of individuals killed in the Thredbo landslide and Waterfall train crash disasters. More recently, Dr Lambert worked in Bali as part of Operation Alliance, following the terrorist bombing of the Sari nightclub. The hours were long and the conditions grueling and Dr Lambert put her family and private practice on hold during this time to help her fellow Australians.

After the devastating tsunami on Boxing Day 2004, Dr Lambert went to Thailand to assist with victim identification as part of Operation Cawdor. Her efforts again were characterised by courage and fortitude.

Dr Lambert's community spirit is evident in her involvement with the dental profession. She has served the Faculty of Dentistry at The University of Sydney as a member of the undergraduate admissions panel; she has served as a Captain in the Royal Australian Army Dental Corps; and she has volunteered with the Department of Forensic Medicine.