Message from the Chair

Mandatory Continuing Professional Development, of which education is a significant part, is now firmly entrenched in our professional agenda. We should have all by now developed a roster that ensures there is time in our practices to complete at least 20 hours each year according to the DBA Guidelines while noting that the 60 hours over 3 years is a rolling target requiring constant application rather than sporadic high volume followed by indolence!

This program seeks to offer opportunities to develop new skills or progress existing skills, many by offering improved manual handling or by experience with advanced techniques leading to increased confidence and assurance in our treatment planning and delivery.

It does appear that recent announcements of changes in the manner of public funding for oral health, if implemented, will change the way dental practices operate and are funded. A practitioner’s ability to offer a wide range of treatment at a reasonable quality is likely to be more beneficial for both patient and practitioner than an emphasis on the so called “big ticket” items exclusive of a regular maintenance program.

The Continuing Education Committee continues to emphasise the need for good quality basic oral health procedures leading to patients with good oral health and a satisfying professional life for all practitioners. Your participation is invited and your suggestions welcomed.

We continue to enjoy the support of industry sponsorship and as usual I ask you to support those who help to bring you these courses.

Bill Dawes