Continuing Education in Dentistry Committee

Committee members

In March 2015, the following members were elected to the Continuing Education in Dentistry Committee for a three year term.

Committee members reflect the diversity of the oral health profession and members possess the expertise required to deliver the mission and objectives of the Committee.

  • Dr M Burke, General Practitioner (Alumni)
  • Dr Z Comino-Cerny, General Practitioner (Alumni)
  • Dr T Desai, General Practitioner
  • Dr S Dracopoulos, General Practitioner and Sydney Dental School academic staff (Alumni)
  • Adj A/Prof P Duckmanton, Endodontist (Alumni)
  • Adj A/Prof J Hawkins, Orthodontist(Alumni)
  • Dr K Hooi, Prosthodontist (Chair) (Alumni)
  • Dr P Kelly, Prosthodontist
  • Prof C Peck, Director, The University of Sydney Westmead Initiative(Alumni)
  • Dr M Sinclair, General Practitioner and Solicitor (Alumni)
  • Dr A Smiech, Sub-Dean, Sydney Dental Hospital Affairs, Sydney Dental School
  • Prof H Spallek, Acting Head of School and Dean
  • Ms R Watson, Hygienist
  • Dr J Werner, General Practitioner and Sydney Dental School academic staff (Alumni)
  • Dr A Yap, Prosthodontist (Alumni)

About the Committee

The mission of the Committee is to:

  • Develop and monitor strategy for Continuing Education in Dentistry (CED) that ensures it is, for Australia’s dental profession, a leading provider of independent, evidence-based education, emphasising life-long learning and a strong association with the University of Sydney.

The objectives of the Committee are:

  • To develop and promote postgraduate and continuing professional development, education and research in the art and science of dentistry.
  • To encourage awareness among graduate and undergraduate dentistry students of the need for postgraduate and continuing professional development and education.
  • To actively facilitate liaison with, and to represent CED to all stakeholders including NSW Health, private practitioners, the RACDS, the ADA, the DHAA, the Australian Dental Prosthetists Association, the DAAA, and other bodies or individuals who would benefit from CED’s activities, dental practitioners and other individuals.
  • To actively identify new course topics and presenters, and, working with the Associate Director of Continuing Education in Dentistry, to develop new courses through review and assessment of new course proposals.
  • To evaluate and review existing courses through processes including course attendance and assessment of learning materials.
  • To monitor and provide strategic advice to the Faculty and the Associate Director of Continuing Education with respect to new developments in the field of continuing professional dentistry and education.
  • To ensure Continuing Education in Dentistry activities are academically sustainable.