ADC Practical Examination Preparation Course


The four-day course offered by Continuing Education in Dentistry is based closely on the dental procedures and tasks outlined within the 2016 ADC Practical Examination Handbook and will provide participants with the opportunity to further develop their practical skills and deepen their knowledge of Australian dental procedures.

The objectives of the course are to enhance the knowledge, judgment, clinical skills and professional skills of internationally trained dentists who seek formal registration with the Dental Board of Australia through the Practical Examination in order to practice in Australia.

We do not currently have a course scheduled for 2016.

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ADC Practical Examination Preparation Course
Instruction, evaluation and feedback:

Lecturers and instructors will provide continuous instruction, evaluation and feedback of the participants’ ability to meet the assessment criteria for participants on their performance of the 14 dental procedures and tasks from the ADC Practical Examination list. The ratio of supervisors to attendees will be 1:8 which will provide an intimate and responsive practical learning experience.

The environment, materials and equipment used will replicate the publicly available list of materials and equipment outlined within the ADC Practical Examination Handbook.

Outline of dental procedures and tasks with the ADC Practical Examination Course:

Throughout the week, participants will have access to a Typodont model mounted in a manikin and to selected teeth for practice preparations. Participants will systematically work through the full list of dental procedures and tasks from the ADC Practical Examination list:

  1. Restorations of pre-prepared teeth (Class II composite resin, Class IV composite resin and Class II amalgam)
  2.  Preparations (Class III composite, Class II amalgam or Class II composite resin and full gold crown) 
  3.  Metal-ceramic (porcelain fused to metal) crown preparation.
  4.  Endodontic access on a molar tooth. Teeth with simulated enamel, dentine and pulp will be provided
  5. Fabrication of a provisional crown for a tooth pre-prepared for a metal-ceramic (porcelain fused to metal) crown
  6. Clinical communication
  7. Taking nominated radiographs in a manikin
  8. Applying a rubber dam
  9. Record keeping
Teaching hours: 30
Mandatory requirements:

After payment, registrants will be contacted to provide the following

  • Proof of ID – current government photo identification (passport or drivers licence)
  • Proof of international dental degree
  • Evidence of proficiency in English through International English Language Testing System (IELTS) academic module, with a minimum score of seven in each of the four components (listening, reading, writing and speaking); or the Occupational English Test (OET), with grades of A or B in each of the four sub-tests (listening, reading, writing and speaking).
Desirable requirements:
  • A pass of the ADC Written Examination