2016 General Dentistry Courses

Hypodontia for the General Dentist - Saturday 17 September 2016

Approximately 4-6 % of patients will present to our Practices missing one or more teeth (excluding third molars). From the perspective of patients and their families, the correct management of this condition is critical with respect to aesthetics, function, psychological well-being and financial capacity. The ability to correctly diagnose and know when and how to intervene is critical in allowing providing these patients with the opportunity for the optimal outcome.

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Mixed Dentition Orthodontic Treatment: What's Normal? What goes wrong? How to fix it? - Friday 11 November 2016

This course will help ensure dental practitioners can understand what is normal in occlusal development, in addition to being able to identify what is abnormal and what is appropriate to be treated by the general dentists, how to treat and when. The course will aid general dentists who want to add mixed dentition orthodontic treatment to their repertoire, without necessarily reporting to full fixed appliance treatment. Hygienists and therapists interested in recognizing developing occlusal abnormalities will also benefit

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