Working Posture Workshop

Course No: 126713
Format: Workshop & Lectures
Date: Saturday 9 November 2013
Time: 9:00am - 5:00pm (Registration from 8:30am) - includes full day's catering
Venue: Sebel Surry Hills, 28 Albion Street, Surry Hills
Cost: $595 Dentist
$395 Hygienist/Therapist/Auxiliary Staff
CPD Hours: 6
Limit: Limited to 26 participants


By addressing our bad habits in posture, this program has been shown to not only reverse some of the damage already done from working with poor posture but to prevent getting into trouble in the first place.

There is no doubt that dentistry is a very challenging profession. We work in a confined space in a physically demanding position, in an emotionally charged environment and on stressed people who for the most part, prefer to not be there.

Back and neck pain, RSI, stiff muscles and stress are often constant companions of the dental profession. It is a recipe for STRESS!

Dr Penelope Jones created this unique “Working Posture” program specifically tailored to members of the dental profession. This includes all ancillary staff such as hygienists, therapists, nurses, receptionists and dental technicians.

Being a dentist herself, Dr Jones is in a position to fully understand what dental personnel suffer and what they need to help reverse the problems. Add to this her 20 years experience as a Feldenkrais Practitioner teaching better posture, and neurological functioning.

This one day workshop is practical and will teach you a daily program of warm up movements to prepare your body for work each day, and others to help relieve pain and stress or recover from injury.

It consists of practical “awareness through movement” lessons to help unlearn all those bad postural habits developed over the years. The lessons will show you how to align your body to sit so that weight is supported more by the skeleton. This is done by learning how to release tense muscles and tone wasted muscles for better trunk stability.

You will learn that rather than resort to rigidity and tension to control a very precise skilled job, you will be guided to find better alignment to give strength, ease and flexibility. You will end up feeling less stressed at the end of the day.

Lectures will underpin the practical lessons and provide the theoretical and anatomical basis of the work. Then most of the day is practical and hands-on. All lessons are very easy, very relaxing and pleasurable to maximize learning. You will be given notes and take home CDs for follow-up at home.

Workshop Requirements

  • Please wear loose comfortable clothes; scrubs and tracks suits are fine - no skirts, dresses or high heeled shoes
  • Bring a large towel, yoga mat or sarong to lie on the floor


Penelope Jones, BDS, MAFG, MIFG