Endodontics Courses

Mastering CBCT imaging in Endodontics - March 2019

Radiographic imaging is essential to the clinical practice of endodontics. The recent addition of CBCT to the clinician’s armamentarium overcomes many of the limitations related to conventional two-dimensional imaging. The increased information obtained from three-dimensional imaging may improve all phases of endodontic care. CBCT has significantly impacted how clinicians diagnose, treatment plan and manage cases in modern endodontic practice.

Updates in 3D Imaging in the Modern Dental Practice - March 2019

CBCT imaging is one of the most important diagnostic tools during the initial treatment planning and management of various types of dental procedures. This course will demonstrate how high resolution 3D imaging can positively impact all phases of treatment and how it can be combined with upcoming technologies such as 3D printing and CAD/CAM technologies.