Dental Implant Maintenance

The role of the dental professional in the management of patients with dental implants

Course No: 126413
Format: Lectures
Date: Saturday 11 May 2013

9:00am - 5:00pm (Registration 8:30am) - includes full day's catering

Venue: Novotel Sydney Central, 169-179 Thomas Street, Haymarket (Formerly Citigate Central)
Cost: $625 Dentists
$425 Hygienists / Therapists
Audience: Dentists, Hygienists, Therapists
Limit: 60
CPD Hours: 6

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Dental implants are a rapidly expanding component of dental practice. Once placed, dental implants require ongoing maintenance to ensure health and longevity of these restorations. Poor oral hygiene can result in disease of the peri-implant tissues such as peri - mucositis and peri- implantitis.

Peri - implantitis is one of the leading causes of implant failure and long-term prevention is paramount. General dentist and hygienists need to be able to identify potential problems and know how to deal with them appropriately. In most cases peri-implant disease can be avoided though proper oral hygiene instruction, the use of specific oral hygiene products and well structured maintenance program. A significant void presently exists within the dental community on how to identify and manage basic problems associated with periĀ­ implant tissues.

The course is designed to appeal to Dentists, Dental Hygienists, and Oral Health Therapists and will cover topics of interest all dental professionals.

Topics to be covered
  • Biology of the peri-implant tissues
  • Commonly encountered problems around dental implants
  • Use of oral hygiene techniques and products to enhance peri-implant health
  • Considerations in implant treatment planning
  • Discussion on prosthetic design and implant abutment selection on periĀ­
    implant tissues
  • Understanding abutment connection and crown cementation
  • Structured maintenance programs for patients restored with dental implants
  • To discuss and understand dental implant components
  • To provide knowledge of the implant- host interaction
  • Discuss assessment of peri-implant tissues
  • Understand management of complications associated with implants
  • Enhance maintenance procedures
  • To individualize referral patterns and home care for patients
  • Provide clear and succinct overview of common problems encountered in gingival tissue surrounding dental implants
  • Provide clear and succinct overview of implant components.
  • Identify and manage problems related to the peri-implant tissues
  • Identify oral hygiene aids and techniques used to promote peri-implant health
  • Avoid complications with peri-implant tissues though careful assessment and recording of implant tissue.
  • Develop a maintenance program for patients with dental implants

Ms Mary Mowbray (Registered Dental Hygienist)