2016 Implant Courses

How to introduce implants into your dental practice - Saturday 12 March 2016

Providing dental implant therapy as a routine treatment option for patients in your practice requires specialised equipment, facilities and skills. Aspects such as surgical, prosthodontic, computer, administration and managerial skills are important to consider. Inadequate set-up and training will most likely impact your practice in a negative way in the form of personal and professional stress, inefficiencies, poor clinical outcomes and, eventually, a loss of reputation.

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Dental Implants and Soft Tissue Maintenance - Saturday 7 May 2016

This course is designed to meet the significant void that presently exists within the dental community on how to identify potential problems with soft tissue maintenance and dental implants. Participants will be able to identify issues, understand how to deal with them appropriately, and how to manage basis problems associated with peri-implant tissues.

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Extended Fixed Prosthodontics 2: Implantology - Tuesday 21 to Friday 24 June 2016

Extended Fixed Prosthodontics 2: Implantology is an intensive and comprehensive course, which covers single and short-span implant restorations. The 4-day course is structured with foundation evidence-based lecture topics, hands-on workshops, phantom head exercises on custom-made prosthetic models, and interactive panel discussions. Practitioners are trained in the planning and restoration of straightforward to advanced, single- and multiple-unit cases.

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