2016 Implant Courses

Extended Fixed Prosthodontics 2: Implantology - Tuesday 21 to Friday 24 June 2016

Extended Fixed Prosthodontics 2: Implantology is an intensive and comprehensive course, which covers single and short-span implant restorations. The 4-day course is structured with foundation evidence-based lecture topics, hands-on workshops, phantom head exercises on custom-made prosthetic models, and interactive panel discussions. Practitioners are trained in the planning and restoration of straightforward to advanced, single- and multiple-unit cases.

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Osseointegrated Dental Implants 1: the fundamentals for single unit implants - Friday 5 to Sunday 7 August 2016

This intensive three day program is structured to introduce the clinician to dental implant therapy through lectures, demonstrations and hands-on workshops. It will give both the surgical and restorative clinician an insight into the requirements and difficulties in each field. This better understanding serves to promote improved coordination between the various team members leading to a more predictable clinical outcome.

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Osseointegrated Dental Implants 2: Implant Prosthodontic Workshop – the essentials of aesthetic implant rehabilitation - Friday 11 & Saturday 12 November 2016

This two-day limited attendance workshop has been designed for clinicians and technicians who possess basic training and clinical experience in implant restorative dentistry. It is aimed to help them improve their knowledge and practical expertise before taking on more complex cases. Technicians are encouraged to attend. Convened by Associate Professor Richard Chan, who with his fellow presenters Nick Hocking and Chris Xeras has combined clinical experience in implant surgery, prosthodontics and technology in excess of 12,000 implants over 30 years.

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